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5 Tips to Help You Sleep in a Hot Bedroom

how to cool down a hot bedroom

June 25, 2019 by Chris Chapman

Everyone loves a warm summer’s day – but those hot summer nights are a different story! If you’re lying awake in a muggy, sweaty bedroom, it might feel like a waking nightmare that leaves you tired and irritable the next day. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way! These tips will help you cool down a hot bedroom, so keep reading to be sure of a peaceful sleep tonight.

Open Upstairs Doors and Windows

open your bedroom window

If your bed is by the window, this is sure to cool you down!

When air sits in a room, it gets hot and stuffy very quickly. The best way to prevent this from happening is to make sure the air can flow in and out of your home freely. Opening your bedroom window and door, but don’t stop there; you should open as many windows and doors as you can upstairs (if you live in a flat or a bungalow, just open the windows and interior doors) and prop the doors open so they don’t slam shut. This will help get the air moving around your bedroom and will stop it from getting too muggy.

Place Your Fan Wisely

Fans and air coolers

Fans and air coolers are best placed near an open door or window

Using a fan or an air cooler is a great way to stay cool in bed, but you probably knew that already! What you might not know is that the location of your fan is incredibly important. It’s tempting to place your fan right next to your bed, but this isn’t the best idea. For one, even very quiet tower fans will still make some noise which may disturb light sleepers if it’s too close to them. There’s also the chance that it’ll cool you down too much through the night which can disrupt your natural sleep cycle and even wake you up.

The best place to put a fan or an air cooler is near an open door or a window. This will help them to work with the existing airflow in the room and will cool down your whole bedroom. It provides a much more natural-feeling breeze that cools your room more efficiently!

Put Your Sheets in the Freezer

Surface ice in the freezer of the old refrigerator close-up.

A few minutes of the freezer will chill your sheets nicely

Yes, really! Don’t just stuff them into the freezer, though – make sure they’re dry and put them in a plastic bag first. You won’t need to keep them in there for very long as you don’t want them to be frozen solid; just a few minutes should be fine. This will give you the coolest bed you’ve ever slept in!

Put Your Mattress on the Floor

Mattress on the floor

Sleeping on the floor can be surprisingly comfortable on a hot night

You probably know that hot air always rises. If your bedroom is unbearably hot, you’ll want to be as low down as possible – sometimes, that might mean you need to put your mattress on the floor! It sounds a bit drastic, but the air near the floor will always be much cooler than it is around your bed frame. If you don’t have the space to put your mattress on the floor, you can always head downstairs.

Avoid Alcohol Before Bed

alcoholic cocktail

A cool nightcap might sound refreshing, but it could do more harm than good!

You might think that a refreshing cocktail before bed is the perfect summer nightcap, but it’s actually a really bad idea! Alcohol can make you feel warmer as it makes your blood vessels widen, so it’ll make you feel flushed and sweaty while you’re trying to sleep. It also disrupts your natural sleep cycle, meaning you’ll wake up feeling tired and grouchy.

Through the night, we naturally cycle through several stages of sleep. We move from a lighter sleep to a deeper sleep and back into a lighter sleep several times. While alcohol does make you fall asleep faster, it’ll also stop you from dropping into a deep sleep, so you won’t feel rested when you wake up and you might even wake during the night.


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