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How Baby Changing Can Change Your Business

April 12, 2018 by Chris Chapman

Baby changing sign

Caring for a baby is something that all of us can relate to – we’ve all been raised by someone after all. If you’re a business owner, making sure your customers have a stress-free and comfortable place to change their babies is a huge part of making those customers feel welcome and will encourage repeat business. They say that having a baby is like letting your heart live outside your body, so parents with babies already have enough to worry about! Helping to ease these worries with some quality baby changing facilities won’t go unnoticed.

If you don’t have any baby changing facilities in your washroom, or if you have an old table that’s seen better days, read on and learn what options you have as a business.

Simple and Effective

As any parent will tell you, changing a baby in public is never simple. If you’re laden down with shopping, a pushchair, a bottle and a mischievous baby

Bambino Heavy Duty Horizontal Baby Changing Table

Bambino Heavy Duty Horizontal Baby Changing Table

– and maybe even another child or two in tow as well – you’re tired, you’re stressed and you just want to get that nappy changed as easily as possible. This means you want your baby changing table to be simple and reliable.

HSD Recommends: Bambino Heavy Duty Horizontal Baby Changing Table

Simple to install and simple to use, the Bambino is a baby changing table that won’t let you or your customers down. Offering a slimline, easy-clean design, it’s ideal for any washroom where space is tight. While the Bambino is extremely durable, it also offers a light soft-close lid designed for use with one hand – sadly that’s all most parents have use of most of the time! It’s kind to babies and parents, but also to you as a business owner, as it comes with a free door sign to let everyone know you welcome parents to use your amazing facilities. Getting all this at such a low price point is incredible value, making this the ideal baby changing table for any business, especially one that’s never had baby changing facilities before.


If You’re Out of Space

Vertical Commercial Baby Changing Table

Vertical Commercial Baby Changing Table

If wall space is really tight in your washroom, then a vertical baby changing table might be needed. As the name suggests, these open vertically, meaning they can be fitted inside toilet cubicles if space is at a premium.

HSD Recommends: White Vertical Commercial Baby Changing Table

Offering a slimline design with a pneumatic lid for gentle opening and closing, this unit provides ease of use and a robust, secure design. It’s made with a high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which means it’s designed to prevent the spread of bacteria and to be easy to clean. In addition, this unit also includes a liner dispenser, meaning your customer can safely bag up and dispose of their nappy and wipes. All of these features coupled with the space-saving design make this one of the most convenient baby changing tables you’ll find.


Flexible Baby Changing

Magrini Counter Top Professional Baby Changing Unit

Magrini Counter Top Professional Baby Changing Unit

If you can’t find a way to fix a baby changing table to your wall, then a more flexible solution might be needed. A counter top baby changing unit give you just that! These things can be picked up and securely placed on any counter top that’s big enough, meaning you can store the unit wherever you have space.

HSD Recommends: Magrini Counter Top Professional Baby Changing Unit

Offering a secure place for parents to change their babies in just about any washroom, the Magrini unit is sleek, simple and sturdy. As it has no fixings, hinges or moving parts, it’s the easiest to clean you’ll find anywhere. There aren’t even any fabric straps to worry about – a unique design and oversized barriers keep the baby secure and safe.


Ultra-Heavy Duty

Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Commercial Baby Changing Table

Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Commercial Baby Changing Table

All the units listed above will do a great job for most places with fairly high amounts of customers. However if you know your unit is going to be getting a lot of use – perhaps you run a busy childcare centre, or a family restaurant that brings in a lot of young families – you may want something specially designed for constant heavy use.

HSD Recommends: Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Commercial Baby Changing Table

This sleek stainless steel design offers you the most durable baby changing table you’ll find anywhere. With a hard-wearing lid that’s easy to open and soft to close and a 20kg weight limit, this unit is designed to cope with even the most stressful nappy changes! When open, the surface is moulded from HDPE, meaning cleaning and maintenance couldn’t be simpler. If you need a baby changing table for a high traffic area, this is the model for your business.


Nappy Bins

White ABS Pedal Operated Nappy Bin, 25 Litres

White ABS Pedal Operated Nappy Bin, 25 Litres

Don’t forget a quality nappy bin to go with your changing table! All of the tables above offer unparalleled hygiene, but your customers will still need somewhere to dispose of their dirty nappies and wipes once they’ve finished. Make sure it’s clearly signposted and visible, too – the last thing you want is for your customers to flush a dirty nappy and block your pipes.

HSD Recommends: White ABS Pedal Operated Nappy Bin, 25 Litres

This ultra-convenient nappy bin has a large capacity and is made from a sturdy plastic that won’t let you down in a busy washroom. As it’s a pedal bin, nobody has to touch the lid to deposit or remove waste, making it an extremely hygienic choice. A quality nappy bin can often be overlooked as it’s something many business owners don’t consider, but it will help you keep your washroom clean, hygienic and tidy.

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