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Easy Garden Party Tips and Ideas

garden party tips

July 11, 2018 by Chris Chapman

Garden parties are a great way to break up the daily routine in the summer sunshine. They’re fun for friends and family, and they should be fun for you as a host as well, so don’t stress about finding some inspiration! We’ve put together a list of simple tips and tricks that will make your garden party extra special.

Take the Inside Outside

garden party furnitureLay out a clear party zone in your garden using rugs, cushions, and other bits from inside your house. This will give your garden party a more intimate atmosphere by extending the look of your home into the outside world. It’ll also help you create a more clearly-defined space, making your garden setup look much more appealing. Of course, it’s important to make sure your garden is clean and tidy so you don’t let your furnishings get too dirty, so clean up your patio and mow your grass a few days before your party.

Natural Patterns

floral tableclothYour garden is full of wild natural patterns, so make the most of it by using patterned tablecloths, cushions, napkins – anything you can get away with! Unlike your house, your garden isn’t constrained by walls and ceilings, so you can have your party area be full of lively and chaotic patterns! Consider animal patterns, floral patterns, arty patterns – anything that takes your fancy to live up your garden party.

Mix and Match

flowers garden partyFurther to that last point, you can mix and match with your cutlery and furniture as well as your patterns to create a really rustic, memorable-looking party full of lively colours and patterns. Don’t be completely random with your mixing and matching (you should read our guide on mixing and matching furniture for more detail on how to do it properly) and remember to always keep a consistent theme in mind. What that theme is is up to you – you can match floral patterns, pick a particular colour, go for a look inspired by a particular culture – but picking a theme will help you match up all kinds of furniture while still having your party look appealing!

Entertainment for All Ages

garden games chessIf you’re having kids at your garden party, it’s important to keep them entertained. Remember that what you consider relaxing and unwinding might be boring for your kids! Consider picking up some garden games that all the family can enjoy. You could also look at getting something like a piñata to entertain the young ones and tie it in with a Mexican theme and food!

Floral Themes

botanical cocktails for a garden partyYou can make the most of the flowers that are all around you with a strong floral theme! Use floral patterns in your furniture and have botanical cocktails to refresh you in the summer sun. You could even go all out and pick up some edible flowers to garnish your food, or get some cupcakes with floral patterns, to complete your flowery theme. If you don’t have many flowers in your garden, you could always pick up some bouquets and use them to dress your table to tie this theme together.

Ultra-Rustic Picnic

picnic blanketIf you want to break from routine and go back to basics, you can put on an amazing picnic in your back garden! Put a blanket and some cushions out on your lawn and you’ll immediately feel a little more in touch with nature as you eat and drink in the garden. You can even read our guide on upcycling and spruce up some old pallets to give you a level surface to eat on, which will only further enhance your rustic atmosphere!

When you’re eating on the lawn, it’s important to keep it clean and clear whether it’s real or artificial grass. If it’s real, give your lawn a dose of some iron sulphate in early summer to help it grow soft, lush, and green. If it’s an artificial lawn, make sure you clean up that grass and get rid of any lingering odours with some artificial grass cleaner.

Make it Personal

invites for garden partyIf you want a garden party idea that will really mean something to your guests, consider working on some personal touches. Send out paper invites that you’ve designed yourself – if you’ve got kids, this is a great fun activity that they can help with! If you make these invites out of cardboard, one idea is to cut them into circles so your guests have personalised coasters for the night. Little tokens like this will really mean a lot to your guests and they’ll help make your party extra special!

Light Up the Party

LED lantern for garden partiesIf you’re planning to have a late one, it makes sense to build a theme about lanterns and light. This way you can enjoy the practical and aesthetic benefits of having your garden and paths lit up with some gorgeous LED lights! Place some LED lanterns around your garden path and use them to draw your guests’ eyes across the space while also lighting their way around when the sun goes down. You can also look at getting some candles and paper lanterns to give your garden party a magical, ethereal feel!

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