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Dyson may have just cracked the ‘quiet’ market… at last!

October 24, 2016 by Josh Hulme

“Dyson’s are noisy,”

“Great but noisy,”

“Hugely efficient… but noisy,”

“Look great…and you guessed it…are noisy,”

Schools, theatres and restaurants all reiterated these comments on the V AB08 hand dryer.

A Quiet hand dryer…at last

So Dyson listened, and have brought a unit not only 39% quieter than the AB08, but stamped with the Noise Abatement quiet mark just for good measure.

Quiet mark given to low noise hand dryers

The latest Dyson hand dryers have been awarded the Noise Abatement society quiet mark

The Dyson HU02 Hand Dryer (available in white or Nickel) is one of only a select few models to be awarded this mark, putting it in an exclusive club with some Airdri hand dryers.

Gone are the days of the AB08 nearly blowing children out of the bathroom door. This model, although still a powerful hand dryer, is refined with improved design for a quieter, more child and noise friendly solution.

With the same slimline design and a fast drying time of 12% (our businesses like 12 seconds or less, it stops people queuing and waiting around in your bathroom), the HU02 models have all the characteristics that made the AB08 a top 5 hand dryer for us last year. But is now quieter. Much quieter.

Dyson HU02 V Shape Hand Dryer

The Hu02 hand dryers are available in Nickel or White

So it’s quieter… why else should my school or business go for a Dyson Airblade?

Save money with a Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer

Here’s an offer for you, spend £540 on a Dyson HU02 Hand Dryer. Spend £31 electric for the year.

Don’t spend £1500 on hand towels. Don’t have messy toilets. Cut your waste.

As it comes with a 5 year warranty (the product will last much longer than this, it’s a Dyson, you could run it over with a JCB and it would still work, ok maybe not literally, do not try this at home!) with the savings generated, you essentially get the hand dryer for free after 6 months.

Save money! Save lots of money!

According to Dyson, an average running cost per dryer each year is £31.

A case of hand towels will cost you £16.99 for 2400 and last maybe 2-3 weeks. It’s simple maths and whilst the initial outlay may seem daunting, businesses save thousands each year by installing a Dyson Airblade hand dryer.

Great performance, well worth the outlay and a sure fire way to save your premises energy and costs.

Stay quieter and save money with Dyson @ HSD.

Buying for a school? Opening a trade account? Email and we will be happy to help you in anyway we can.

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