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Pro-Dri Hand Dryers – Affordability, Efficiency and Durability Encompassed

November 15, 2016 by Josh Hulme

As part of our complete range of hand dryers on sale including the leading brands such as Warner Howard, Xlerator and Dyson Airblade, HSDonline offer our own exclusive brand known as Pro-Dri.

Pro-Dri hand dryers

– Hand picked units each individually tested and retested to ensure they fit into what Pro-Dri stand for.


We recognise that not all businesses can afford to spend thousands of pounds to fit out their toilets, especially for smaller businesses. Bear in mind the market leading Dyson Airblade is priced at around the £600 mark per unit.

Now we all know the energy savings available from these hand dryers are fantastic, however small to medium businesses often simply cannot afford upwards of £3000 out of their pocket in something that isn’t necessarily essential. Yes the long term benefits are great, but especially in sectors such as restaurants and other eateries, there are more pressing concerns.

You don’t have to break the bank for an eco hand dryer

We strongly feel that companies of all sizes should be able to reap the benefits of cutting edge hand dryer technology, especially as the savings they bring over the years helps your company grow. Pro-Dri hand dryers use the latest technology and manufacturing processes to cut down your energy bills, without costing you a small fortune initially.

Take our best selling Pro-Dri Extreme hand dryer, priced at £99.99 ex VAT with a 10 second drying time and the ability to amend the unit from 1800 watts or 550 watts. This fast drying time and versatility ensures your energy use and expenditure compared to less efficient units and paper towels are reduced, making your business more profitable without having to break the bank.

Automatic eco hand dryer

The Pro-Dri Extreme Hand Dryer offers efficiency at less than £100


As with the Pro-Dri Extreme, the entire range of Pro-Dri hand dryers are designed to be as efficient as possible, whilst remaining affordable. The entire range have adjustable settings for summer/winter use to save on heating costs during the warmer months, whilst still offering a warmer heat setting for the colder months.

Some of the more advanced units within the range boast annual yearly costs of below £25. When a case of hand towels can be just as much, the savings generated ensure that the units pay for themselves within a short amount of time.


Hand dryer for smaller toilets

The Pro-Dri Compact is perfect for disabled toilets with a small, compact design


Similarly to the efficiency, some of the advanced units including the Pro-Dri Qube Hand dryers come with 5 year warranties for peace of mind and longevity. Not only saving you money energy wise but providing a high performance hand drying experience.

The majority of the Pro-Dri range (with the exception of the ABS plastic Gladiator Hand dryer) are manufactured from robust stainless steel, to be tough and robust both internally and externally.

Pro-Dri hand dryers has been designed to meet customers expectations on performance, initial cost and longevity and we are also helping to promote good hand hygiene by advocating automatic units only. The entire range are sensor operated, ‘no touch’ units to help keep our schools and workplaces healthy.

The entire Pro-Dri range of hand dryers are available exclusively on HSDonline, with trade accounts and multi buy discounts  available. We are proud to support British Businesses.

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