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A Guide to Low Wattage Heaters

January 10, 2019 by Chris Chapman

Power isn’t everything. More powerful heaters are great for heating large rooms, but there are times when you don’t want or need a really powerful heater. Maybe you just want a small heater for your caravan or your shed, or you might want a heater to prevent frost in your greenhouse through winter. A regular heater might not be the best choice for situations like these as they can be too powerful, meaning you’ll end up wasting a lot of energy that you don’t really need to pay for. This is why low watt heaters are so useful! They’re an efficient way to prevent frost in outdoor areas and storage cupboards and can be left on for weeks at a time without costing you a fortune.

If you’re looking for a low-energy electric heater, you might be wondering which is the best for you. This buyer’s guide will lay out the different kinds of low watt heaters available and will help you make the right choice based on what your needs are!

Low Watt Heaters for Conservatories

conservatory tables chairs plants room in house next to gardenConservatories are one of the most common places people put their low watt heaters. Conservatories can get very chilly in winter as their glass windows let a lot of heat escape – this means many people will look for a way to take the chill out of the air so they can enjoy their conservatories in winter. However, many conservatories are quite small, so a powerful heater might be too overwhelming.

HSD Recommends: MYLEK Free Standing Panel Heater

mylek free standing panel heaterThis panel heater ticks every box for a conservatory heater. It’s small and lightweight, it’s affordable, and it’s available in a range of sizes to help you keep warm no matter how big your conservatory is. As it’s so compact and lightweight, you can easily carry it in and out of your conservatory and around your home, making it a versatile all-purpose heating option. What’s more, its intelligent thermostat will smartly turn your heater off and on as required to keep your conservatory at a consistent temperature. This means you’ll never waste a penny on overheating your conservatory, so you can stay warm and enjoy your conservatory without worrying about your heating bills.

Low Watt Heaters for Frost Prevention

frosty greenhouseSome people might not even want to use their conservatories in winter, but they just want a heater to run on a low setting to keep frost and condensation at bay. Frost and condensation can affect conservatories, sheds, garages, greenhouses, and any other outdoor building that isn’t well-insulated. A low wattage tubular heater can be used to prevent frost and condensation by very gently warming up these outdoor buildings – perhaps not enough to make them cosy and warm, but enough to keep the temperature above freezing.

These heaters are designed to use such a small amount of energy that they can be left on for weeks or even months at a time. While this means they’re not a great option for home use as they won’t heat any room to a comfortable level, it does mean they can be left for extended periods in places you don’t use that much over winter.

HSD Recommends: Heatstore Electric Tubular Heater

tubular heater Available in lengths of up to 6ft, this range of tubular heaters is ideal for keeping frost away from even larger spaces. Using as little as 60W of power, you can comfortably leave these tubular heaters on for extended periods to fight frost and condensation without running up a huge energy bill. They’re compact, subtle units that you can pop in the corner of your caravan, shed, or greenhouse, turn them on, and forget about them for the rest of winter. They’re simple, sturdy, and effective – just what you need for chasing frost away!

Low Watt Heaters for the Bathroom

shower before bed for a better sleepBathrooms, naturally, attract condensation, especially in winter. This is the result of all the steam and warm air that appears when you run a bath or shower, which then comes into contact with the cold walls and bathroom windows, turning it into condensation. This condensation can linger on your walls, leading to the spread of damp and mould around your home. A low wattage bathroom heater keeps the walls and window in your bathroom a little warmer, reducing the amount of condensation that forms and preventing the spread of damp. If you’re fed up of constantly wiping down your bathroom walls or having to leave the bathroom window wide open in winter, a low-energy bathroom heater could be your perfect solution!

HSD Recommends: MYLEK LED Electric Panel Heater 500W

LED bathroom panel heaterUsing an electric heater in your bathroom has two main benefits – it warms up your bathroom walls to reduce condensation and it keeps you cosy when you step out of the shower! That means you want your bathroom heater to be versatile, so you can leave it on low for extended periods while also being able to turn it up when you need to. As it’s going to be installed around running water, you’ll also need to make sure it’s splash resistant, too!

This 500W MYLEK panel heater fits the bill perfectly, with an IP24 rating and an eco-friendly, energy-saving design. It’s lightweight and easy to install on your wall, after which time you can easily program your heater to keep your bathroom at a set temperature using its simple intelligent thermostat. It even features a timer, so you can program it to turn on and off according to your schedule.

Note that this heater is available in a variety of models ranging up to 2KW in power, so if you need something a little more powerful you may still want to give this panel heater a look!


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