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Panel Heaters – The Slimmer way to heat your home

October 24, 2016 by Josh Hulme

Tired of radiators sticking out like a sore thumb in your lovely new home? Tired of waiting for your radiator to heat up? “It’s still cold!” Fed up of chipped paint and off white colours ruining your newly decorated lounge? Make the change. Switch to panel heaters.

For a large room such as a lounge, a suitable radiator costs anywhere from £100 to £200 (depending on design, finish and manufacturer). Compare this to a ultra slim panel heater, 1500 Watts (1.5kw) with a initial cost of £55 with free delivery.

So, initial outlay cheaper? Check
Even on designer radiators that negate the poor finish of some radiator brands, their accuracy is anywhere up to 5 degrees Celsius. You set your room to 20 degrees, and instead your’e sat sweating in your sauna of a lounge at 25 degrees. Uncomfortable, and unnecessarily expensive energy wise.
Whilst thermostat accuracy varies across manufacturers, you are looking at a average of around 1.5 -2 degrees accuracy.

Energy saver? Check
Money Saver? Check

Slimline Panel heaters

Rather than sticking out of your walls and limiting where you can put the sofa, panel heaters are always incredibly slim and fit seamlessly onto a wall. Some models can also be left free standing and moved around the room if you prefer. Heck, they’re so lightweight you can carry them to bed with you like a blanket!

Panel heater with timer and thermostat

Some models can be wall mounted or left free standing

Modern, agile and versatile heating

Digital central heating is all the rage these days and some of our panel heaters have followed suit with modern digital LCD displays. 99% of panel heaters are fitted with a timer that allows you to control when and for how long you want your panel heater on.

Modern panel heater

This range of panel heaters has digital displays to suit modern trends

A typical home with residents working 9-5 could follow this schedule.
22:00-07:15 Off (Waking up at 07:30, no one wants to get out of bed to a cold room)
07:15-08:30 ON (Programmed to heat up, off we go to work at 08:30)
08:30-16:30 Off (Don’t throw money away heating an empty house!)
16:30-22:00 ON (Programmed to switch on/off to remain at a comforting and cosy 22 degrees throughout the evening until you go to sleep)

This is a example of the flexibility of panel heaters as well as the versatility in installation, slim modern shape and temperature accuracy.
Unlike radiators, panel heaters use convected heat transferred from the top of the grille into the room. The room is quick to heat up, which can significantly reduce your energy costs (the room reaches your desired temperature quicker and as a result, you literally have the heating on less)

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