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20 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Utility Bills

save money on your bills

July 31, 2018 by Chris Chapman

Utility bills are things that follow you around all year round. One in three Britons worry about paying their utility bills, so if there’s an easy way to save money on your bills it makes sense to take advantage of it. We’ve put together 5 of the simplest ways for you to save money on your utility bills that you can try out right now.

How to Save Money on Water Bills

As a nation, we’re paying billions for our water every year, with the average water bill around £385. This means it’s a good idea to make the most of every drop!

  1. running tapIf you’re running your taps to temperature, fill up some water bottles while you’re waiting for the water to heat up. You can use this water for washing, rinsing off your car, watering the plants – virtually anything!

  2. If you’ve got a fish tank, don’t throw out your dirty water when you give the tank a clean. Fish tank water contains a number of nutrients that make it great for watering your plants.

  3. Beat a hosepipe ban by sharing bathwater with your plants. Run a hosepipe up to your bathroom window and syphon the water into your garden when you’re done.

  4. Recycle rainwater by picking up a water butt for your garden. If you filter this water through muslin, you can even use it to flush your toilet!

  5. Take care of your dishwasher and washing machine to make sure they’re running efficiently and aren’t leaking water. Also, ensure you fill them up with a full load of washing before you turn them on!

  6. Steam vegetables rather than boiling them. It’ll save you money on your water bills and it’s much healthier, too!

  7. Brushing teeth save on water billsTurn off the tap when brushing your teeth. A classic water-saving tip, but an effective one all the same!

  8. Keep an eye on your water meter even when you’re not using any water. If it’s slowly increasing even when you know you aren’t using water, you could have a leak somewhere that needs to be fixed.

  9. Washing veggies or peeling potatoes? Do it into a bowl rather than under running water.

  10. Made a pot of tea that’s not been drunk? Use the leftover tea to water your house plants.

How to Save Money on Electric and Gas Bills

With the average energy bill for a three or four-bedroom house at almost £600 a year, we’re all feeling a little low-energy at the moment. You can brighten up your life when the bills are due by following these simple tips.

  1. Only heat your home when you need to. The idea that you should leave your heating on low all day is a myth. If you want your home to be heated when you get back in from work, consider picking up a smart radiator that you can turn on from anywhere in the world.

  2. Move your fridge and freezer out of direct sunlight. This will mean they use less electricity to keep cool.

  3. Use an evaporative air cooler to stay cool in summer. Air coolers work by blowing air across a pool of cold water, cooling the air in the process. Make sure you place it near an open door or window as it’ll circulate cool air more effectively that way.

  4. electric blankets to save on electric billsUse an electric blanket instead of your central heating. This way, you’ll only use electricity to heat yourself rather than a whole home! A good electric blanket can cost as little as 1p per night to run.

  5. Get everything on a timer. Electric blankets, TVs, light switches – you can get everything with a timer these days! This will ensure you won’t be wasting electricity if you fall asleep while it’s turned on.

  6. Put clingfilm on your windows. Clingfilm traps a small layer of air between it and your window which stops heat from leaking out of your home. While it’s not a long-term solution, the energy this saves can add up over time.

  7. switch off plugs at the wall save on electricSwitch devices off at the wall. Games consoles, TVs, computers, and phone chargers can use power when plugged in at the wall even when they’re not in use. This is known as “vampire power”. Don’t get sucked dry – if you’re not using it, switch it off at the wall to save up to £80 a year.

  8. Get a smart meter. These little gadgets will clearly display how much energy you’re using in pounds and pence. They should be available from your energy supplier and will help you keep energy costs down.

  9. Turn down the thermostat. Turn down your thermostat by just a single degree and you could save yourself around £75 a year.

  10. When you put the kettle on, only boil the amount of water you need. Boiling and re-boiling large quantities of water take much more energy than boiling just the right amount every time.



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