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5 Tips for Throwing an Amazing Christmas Party at Home

Christmas party ideas

November 30, 2018 by Chris Chapman

Is it really Christmas if you don’t throw an amazing Christmas party or two? Millions of people across the UK don’t think so, and will attend at least one Christmas party at home, at the pub, or with work colleagues. Most workplaces will have a Christmas party, but if you want an event that’s a bit more personal with your family and friends, you can throw a brilliant festive bash yourself, too. These Christmas party ideas are sure to be a hit with your loved ones, so give them a try!

Appeal to All the Senses

christmas bakingThere’s no point in getting a bit festive, or 50% Christmassy – you might as well go all the way! Whether you’re at home or at work, you want to make your Christmas party feel a bit special, so go all out to make it memorable. How do you do this? Well, you need to appeal to all the senses. Most people focus on making their Christmas parties look festive by putting up Christmas decorations, but that’s only one piece of the puzzle. Make delicious food, fragrance your party with some festive scents, create a cosy, warm atmosphere, and – of course – put on the Christmas songs!

Take this attitude towards every step of your party planning and you’re guaranteed to have a great time!

Have Personalised Invites

Christmas party inviteIn the social media age, paper invites are something of a rarity. Taking the extra effort to hand out physical party invitations is a great personal touch that will make everyone who attends excited for what’s sure to be a special night. You can just buy invites, but for an extra-special invite, you can make them yourself! This is a great project for families with young children to take part in and get excited for Christmas together!

Create a Cosy Atmosphere

Make your home feel comfortable and cosy – you can put up all the Christmas decorations you want, but unless there’s a safe, warm atmosphere in your home, you might not feel very festive! Complement your Christmas tree with lots of blankets in your living room, your cosiest cushions, and, if you have one, a roaring fire in the fireplace.

Dim the lights a little (or make use of lamps and candles if you don’t have dimmer switches) and settle down for a cosy night of good food and warming drinks. The food and drink you choose for your party are a great way to enhance the cosy atmosphere – if you want to go all out for Christmas, why not have a go at making some mulled wine? We’ve got all the info you need to make a delicious festive mulled wine here, so give it a try!

Keep Cosy Outside

patio garden partyIt’s always a good idea to have a nice outdoor space for any Christmas party so people can smoke or simply enjoy the great outdoors. Dressing up your garden or patio area with festive lights is a great way to make your party feel exciting Of course, the December weather isn’t always the most inviting, so you’ll need to give people a way to keep warm out there. That’s why an outdoor heater is an essential purchase, not just for your Christmas party, but for year-round gatherings on your patio.

All you need to do when looking at outdoor heaters is to make sure it’s powerful enough to heat your patio. If you have a larger patio, you’ll need a larger heater to warm it up properly. As a rule of thumb, you need around 100W of power for every square metre you want to heat.

Get a Strict Dress Code

Christmas jumper partyDon’t worry, it’s not business wear! Get all your guests to wear their best (or worst) Christmas jumpers to really get the festive atmosphere going. Festive knitwear has become an incredibly popular part of British Christmas tradition, so getting involved in the trend is a sure-fire way to bring everyone together at your Christmas party.


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