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How Long Do I Need to Wait to Swim After Adding Chemicals to My Swimming Pool?

clean swimming pool water

July 10, 2019 by Chris Chapman

How Long Before I Can Swim?

man playing with a baby in the swimming poolSwimming pools need a lot of maintenance. That means you’ll regularly need to add chemicals – like algae remover and chlorine – to your pool water. If you enjoy making the most out of your swimming pool, you’ll want to know how long it’ll be after using them before you can dive in again. This quick guide will tell you how long you’ll need to wait after applying every common pool chemical.

pH Adjusters (Such as Soda Ash)

Wait 20 minutes to an hour, depending on how much you used.

Alkalinity Levellers (Such as Muriatic Acid)

Wait around 30 minutes.

Water Clarifier

Wait 20-30 minutes.


Regular Chlorine Dose

Wait until your chlorine levels drop below 5ppm. This could take a few hours.

Shock Chlorine Dose

swimming pool diving inAgain, wait until the chlorine levels in your pool are below 5ppm. This usually takes around 24 hours.


Same as chlorine – wait until the levels drop 5ppm.

Algae Remover

Wait around 15 minutes. Most algaecides are safe to swim with, but it’s best to be sure.


Do not swim with floc in your pool. Wait until the floc has gathered all your pool’s impurities together (follow your flocculent manufacturer’s instructions) and vacuum them out of the pool before swimming.

Calcium Chloride

Wait 2-4 hours or allow your water one full cycle through the filter.

Waterline Cleaner

You can swim immediately after the spray is wiped off.



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