Ant Infestation: How to get rid of ants in the home

An ant infestation at home can be worrying and unsightly. No fear, HSD is here to educate, counsel and get rid of these pesky ants from your home this summer. Unlike flies, ants do not transmit diseases however thousands of customers each summer contact us asking to help get rid of ants from their home, garden or patio areas.

Ant Infestation
Ants evolved from wasp-like ancestors in the period between 110 and 130 million years ago…

This short post should help you understand why ants are so keen on lodging with you this summer, as well as the best way to get rid of ants in the home!


Are ants active in winter?

In winter, ants tend to survive buried far underground, looking for heat. You may very occasionally see an individual but unfortunately he will struggle to survive for long in the cold depths of winter.

Did you know ? 

→ Ants can carry 100 times their own body weight and can move at the equivalent speed of a greyhound !


Why ants are here in the spring

They come back to ground level in spring which is why they are more noticeable between April and September. Dependant upon the British weather, they may be here permanently for the summer or just looking for additional food for her Royal Highness, the Queen Ant.

Possible causes of ant infestation:

→ The presence of the queen ant in your house
Tip: Check your cracked walls, ceilings, windows, garage…

 Formation of “satellite-nests”, with or without the queen.
Tip: Groups of ants can be based at different places in your house, but they are originally from the same colony and work for the same queen.

Note: The migration of an ant colony from one location to another one is really frequent especially for the “pharaoh” ant species.


Do I have an ant infestation or just an occasional visit?

→ Sharing your bedroom with ants?
→ Are ants climbing the walls and causing you to climb the walls?
→ How did ants get there?

Sterile worker ants may explore a room in the home looking for additional food to fatten up the greedy queen. If successful, more will follow, leading to the ant infestation. These can quickly reach the upper floors of your home including bedrooms, en suites and even lofts.

Ants are very intelligent and determined creatures and they will do anything to satisfy the queen. That’s why an ant infestation can worsen quickly and become an irritating problem.

Solutions to get rid of ant infestation in the home:


• Ant Spray: For the use in the home, on the lawn or on paving.This spray kill ants on contact and also serves as a barrier.

Ant Spray


 Using the latest technological developments, this government licensed product can be applied to carpets and even used outdoors on patios for a long term barrier against ants.

 As soon as the ants enter the sprayed area, they start to become dehydrated and will eventually die.

 Easy to apply around the home.



• Ant Powder: For internal and external use. As with a spray, use powder to create a barrier for ants. If they try to cross it, they will die.

Ant Powder

 Use the powder where the spray is not suitable such as near plug sockets, cracks and crevices.

 Can also be used on patio areas and decking and around the outskirts of the home to create an effective barrier for ant re-infestation.

 Ideal for securing upstairs rooms from infestation



• Ant Bait Stations: Easiest way to get rid of an ant infestation.

Ant Bait Station
Bait Station

 Snap off the 4 arms leaving holes for ants to enter, the poison is inside.

 Ants carry the poison back to the colony and poison themselves from within.

→ Ideal for use on lawns, indoors and wherever the spray is not suitable.



Did you know ?

→ At any one time, there can be up to 10 quadrillion ants alive on earth !


Getting rid of ants in the home can be done by using specially tested and licensed products from and offered by HSDonline, find them all here. We will offer specialist and specific treatment methods at a low prices to rid your home of the ant infestation.

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