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Buzz Off – A Complete Guide to Fly Killers

electric fly killer

March 28, 2018 by Chris Chapman

Whether you’re concentrating in the office, cooking in the kitchen or enjoying a BBQ in the garden, it seems there’s no occasion that can’t be ruined by buzzing flies. A fly killer is a wise investment to make sure those pests leave you alone all year round, and our handy guide to fly killers will clue you in on what to look for!


Types of Fly Killers

Domestic Electric Fly Killers

One of the most popular types of fly killer for use inside homes, garages, outhouses and small offices, the classic zapper uses UV light to attract the bugs and a low electric current to get the job done. They’re a safe and cost-effective way to get rid of flies, and we offer a range of designs, sizes, and wattage to suit any room.

HSD Recommends: Xterminate Zapper 16w


An amazing value unit that covers up to 50m₂ in UV light, ideal for even the biggest room at home! The Zapper also comes with chains for ceiling hanging and can be wall mounted or left free standing, meaning you can place it anywhere in the room with no fuss.


Glueboard Fly Killers

Glueboard fly killers use UV lights to attract flies, however instead of using an electric shock to kill the fly, they use a sticky glue board to trap the fly. This means glueboard fly killers are by far the most hygienic way to deal with flies and are essential for any kitchen, whether at home, at work or in restaurants and cafes.

HSD Recommends: Insect-A-Clear Fly Shield


A glueboard fly killer with a 20w bulb, housed in a tough but stylish aluminium body. The Fly Shield comes with an energy-efficient bulb as standard, meaning it’s ideal for businesses or anyone who expects to have the unit switched on all day and it provides remarkably good value.




Decorative/Designer Fly Killers

Yes, there really are a range of designer fly killers that fit tastefully into your home or your workplace – perfect if you want a subtle approach to pest control that most people won’t even notice. Whether you’re a fan of the wood panel look or you want a subtle light fitting to mount on the wall, there’s something for every taste in our decorative and designer ranges.

HSD Recommends: Pro-Range 20W White Uplighter


A sleek wall-mounted design that combines form and function, with a powerful 20w shatterproof Teflon-coated bulb. The glueboard in the light fitting means the trap catches the flies and keeps them out of sight, making this an ideal choice for any business or hygenic environment.



Outdoor Fly Killers

Got a big camping trip or a garden party planned? This tough UV lantern is a must. Portable enough to carry around easily and place wherever you like, this lantern is suitable for outdoor or indoor use and can be hung or stood to keep you free of flies in the great outdoors!

HSD Recommends: Insect-A-Clear 18w Stainless Steel Lantern


Cluster Fly Killers

Cluster flies spend their summers out in the fields and don’t bother humans much, however in the autumn time they like to swarm around warm dry areas – like your house, for example! As the name might suggest, they fly around in large clusters, so you’ll need a fly killer that can cope with a lot of use, that won’t get clogged up from all the ex-flies that it catches. Cluster fly killers are specially designed for this, and you can browse them HERE.

HSD Recommends: Insect-O-Cutor Select SE22 22w


The key thing to look out for with cluster fly killers is a deep tray to catch the high number of fly remains. The Insect-O-Cutor Select SE22 offers a deeper tray than most, meaning it’s less likely to get clogged up with former flies and won’t need to be emptied as often!


Commercial Fly Killers

The best fly killers for large indoor areas such as large offices or shop floors. These fly killers come in a range of wattages, designs and features. We would recommend looking at a commercial fly killer with a glueboard to keep your place of work clean and tidy. Click HERE to browse our range of fly killers suitable for commercial use.

HSD Recommends: Xterminate 40w Commercial Fly Killer


Offering astounding value for an incredible 40w of UV power, the Xterminate is a sturdy and versatile unit ideal for wall mounting in a busy workplace. It offers up to a whopping 100m₂ of light coverage, making it ideal for large spaces, shop fronts and offices.


Specialist Fly Killers

These fly killers are designed for specialist use, such as busy warehouses and factory floors. This range also includes some ATEX (Atmosphere Explosible) certified units, for use in areas where explosives are used. For more specific info on specialist fly killers, just click HERE or get in touch with one of our experts by calling or using the live chat function.

HSD Recommends: Splashproof Industrial Electric Fly Killer 80w


Water resistant to IPX4 standard, this fly killer is a must for any factories or warehouses that need regular industrial cleaning. It can survive being sprayed with water for at least 5 minutes, meaning it doesn’t need to be removed every time the cleaners come round.

What to look for:

KNOW YOUR ENEMY – What kind of flies are you having problems with? While not everyone is the next David Attenborough, a bit of research into different types of flies can go a long way! For example, if you’re having trouble with cluster flies (the small, annoying flies that fly around in big swarms), you’ll want a fly killer that can cope with the strain. If it’s just common bluebottles and house flies you’re dealing with, a standard UV-light based electric fly killer will work a treat.

WATTAGE – How much power the unit uses. If you’re going to have the fly killer switched on a lot, you’ll want to know how much power it’ll be using. Click HERE to shop by wattage.

BULB – What type of UV bulb does it take? You can browse our range of UV bulbs HERE.

CARE AND MAINTENANCE – Getting a unit fitted with high quality shatterproof bulbs as standard can be a big money saver in the long run. Double check what type of bulb your unit requires on its product page in case you need to replace it. UV bulbs should ideally be replaced once a year if they’re in regular use – after this your performance may start to degrade.

DESIGN – If you want something subtle, you can look at our range of stylish designer electric fly killers HERE. Prices start at just £77.99, a great choice if you want a fly killer to blend in with your décor.

LOCATION – Where are you going to position your fly killer? Our range covers virtually anything you can think of, from floor-standing units, wall-mounted units, and even ceiling hangers. You’ll need to make sure your fly killer is properly positioned in the room, ideally away from natural light sources such as windows and skylights.

SIZE MATTERS – How big is the room that you’ll be putting the fly killer in? For units that use UV light, you’ll need to make sure that as much of the room is covered by that light as possible to make sure the flies notice it! Bigger rooms generally need bigger units. Getting a small 8w unit for a large open plan office won’t be very effective, however on the flip side, if you only want a fly killer for a small home kitchen, you don’t want a giant industrial unit!

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