How to get rid of dust mites : The guide

Living in all of our homes are millions of minuscule critters: Dust mites. They aren’t visible to the naked eye, yet they are a cause of the most common allergy in the UK. Dust mites live in rooms that have a constant temperature of 20-25 degrees C, that ‘s why your home is a wonderful breeding ground for them…

How to get rid of dust mites
Microscopic view of a dust mite

House dust mite allergy

So if you suffer from asthma or know someone who does, you may want to find out more.

As the BBC has stated, around 20% of the UK’s population is allergic to the droppings of dust mites, according to the National Health Service, triggering conditions such as asthma.

They can also leave you with nasty dust mite bites.

We’re here to help you learn all about the cause, environment and reduction of dust mites in order to help you live in a cleaner environment.


Did you know?

 In your mattress, there are around 3 million dust mites…


Now, that’s a lot of mites isn’t it?

Try not to think about that when you go to bed tonight. After household activities such as vacuuming, the mites are released into the atmosphere through the dust that is present.

The allergens they create come from their droppings. Asthma, eczema and rhinitis are just three of the things that we are susceptible to when we inhale the allergens they create.

Their favourite conditions are those of which are warm and humid, where dead skin is present for them to feed on. Their love of warm environments make our modernised, insulated, double-glazed houses their ideal habitat – especially during the winter months when we have no choice but to turn up our central heating.

But don’t fret, we’ve got 3 solutions for getting rid of dust mites.


How to get rid of dust mites

Solution n°1:  FANS

Surprisingly, some extractor fans  can be very effective if you want to get rid of dust mites.

 What is it?

An extractor fan sucks air out of an area, taking within any unwanted particulates in the air such as moisture, dirt and pollutants. This creates an air flow which allows cleaner air to flow into the area.

 The advantages:

To drastically downsize the amount of mites in your household, you can fit an extractor fan in your kitchen and even in your bathroom. By fitting an extractor fan, the warm moisture is extracted from the air, making the room inhospitable for the dust mites. Getting rid of dust mites is easy with an extractor fan.

(Note: You can also use a dehumidifier, it reduces humidity levels).

HSD have a very wide range of extractor fans for you to choose from, have a look here. So whether you’re on a budget, looking for a commercially suitable fan or simply looking for one for your home, HSD will cater to your needs.

  •  Easy way to get rid of dust mites.
  •  Atmosphere assuring no dust mites.
  •  Suitable for domestic use.


Solution n°2: DUST MITES KILLER  

As well as getting an extractor fan, you can also apply specific products such as the Protector P  to get rid of dust mites.

→ What is it?

Protector P is a contact insecticide spray. It is an advanced nano emulsion formulation based on water and containing the active ingredient Permethrin at 0.2%.

 The advantages:

The spray penetrates into the tiny areas where dust mites live, and kills them on contact. The spray remains on the surface sprayed to kill any other insects.

  •  Lasts for up to 3 months.
  •  No solvent smell.


Solution n°3:  PREVENTION (1)

Prevention is better than cure, our product: Protect-A-Bed will protect you from dust mites. 

 What is it?

It speaks for itself, it protects your bed. This product creates an impenetrable barrier which stops dust mite – and the allergens they bring – getting in or out, allowing you to get the perfect allergy-free sleep you have always dreamed of!  (A good hygiene is necessary to avoid dust mites to invade your home, make sure you also clean or change your bedding on a regular basis).

 The advantages:

  •  Complete mattress encasement for protecting against dust mites and bedbugs entry or escape.
  •  Ultimate allergy protection.
  •  Rugged and effective, made from smooth polyester fabric and stitched using reinforced seams.
  •  Certified by an Entomology Laboratory to be dust mite bite proof.
  •  Protects against allergens such as per dander & pollen.
  •  Cool and comfortable to sleep on.


Solution n°3:  PREVENTION (2)

Again, prevention is better than cure, make sure you dust your house at least twice a week.


Most people think that household is dust, but in fact, it’s dead skin!  Dead skin is the prime food source for dust mites. We recommend using a standard duster, like this one.

On top of dusting your house, if you’ve got carpets, make sure you clean them or vacuum them as often as possible. (We’ve got a brilliant carpet cleaner that we strongly recommend, view the carpet cleaner here.)

 The advantages:

 •  Dusting a house is easy.
 •  Affordable prevention method to avoid dust mites infestation.
 •  Clean your carpet don’t take long.


Solution n°3:  PREVENTION (3)

Still, prevention is better than cure, make sure your pets don’t lie on your bed!


This is simply because dust mites are quite happy to dine on dead animal skin. For example, cats can spend most of their time lying on your comfortable bed. Ok, they may look cute but they’re increasing your dust mite problem by being on your bed. You may want to share love with your pets, but you don’t want to share dust mites with them!

 The advantages:

 •  It significantly reduces your dust mites infestation.
 •  It doesn’t cost anything to show your pets who’s the Boss at home!


Now you know more about getting rid of dust mites or to see our range of extractor fans, our Protector P or the Protect-A-Bed cover, visit us or drop us a mail and we’ll solve your dust mites problem. More detail about our specific products to get rid of dust mites? Click here!

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