Hotels and bed bugs : prevention Vs eradication

As we race towards the end of the first month of 2013, the problem of bed bugs in the UK continues to skyrocket. Our records show a 160% increase in calls in January alone regarding bed bugs and how to kill, remove and eradicate them completely.

bed bugs

We all know the nasty damage that bed bugs can do, physically, mentally and now, economically…

A survey of our customers showed that a whopping 88% would not stay in a hotel or commercial premises if they suspected it of having an infestation. A growing number of our calls have been from these concerned hotel, guest-house & bed and breakfast owners.

As the recession continues, more and more holiday makers are choosing British destinations for their summer holiday.


Good for British Business?…you bet! / Good for controlling bed bugs?…definitely not!

Prohibition sign for bed bugs

It is now estimated one in three people in the UK at any one time will have to deal with a bed bug issue.  Commercial premises are no different.  As we know, bed bugs are not related to cleanliness.

In fact home owners and businesses should be celebrated for considering using preventative bed bug measures rather than waiting for the inevitable infestation.



  • Preventing a bed bug infestation carries its own unique challenges

A thorough spray program every month and fumigating every fortnight is what is advised in all rooms used by customers, including communal areas and hallways.

A thorough clean of the room before hand (cleaning, vacuuming, washing linen…etc… which is an essential part of hotel maintenance anyway) is recommended to maximize the effects of the products used.

Protector C spray provides 4-6 weeks protection against bed bugs, and by fumigating every fortnight, you will cover all bases, from carpets, to cracks in walls and behind picture frames where bed bugs love to hide.
Admittedly, this process takes a lot of dedication, hard work and effort on the managers of commercial premises, but is the difference between preventing bed bugs or running the risk of an infestation.


  • Eradicating Bed Bugs is not a simple thing to do

It involves treating every room in the premises thoroughly, most of the time requiring a retreatment’s, as well as washing all linen and bedding.

Smoke bombs and spray are essential in tackling the problem, in particular for commercial premises. A video briefly advising how to eliminate a bed bug  problem can be found  below:



Once established in a property, eradicating Bed Bugs, in a high traffic area, is very difficult and can take up to four treatments, exaggerating the cost as well as damaging the reputation of the particular premises.

Interestingly, 90% of customers stated they would comfortably stay in premises that were using preventative bed bug measures, feeling ‘more comfortable that something was being done’.


So, I am a responsible hotel owner concerned about bed bugs, what am I to do?

It is important, as always, to examine the cost of using preventative methods. We are in a recession after all.

  • A typically sized, 10 room hotel would need to use Twenty Midi Fumers and 10 Litres of Fast acting Bed Bug spraymonthly. The average cost involved approx £150 per month.
  • The average cost of eradicating a Bed Bug infestation in a similar property: £500 including 60 Midi Fumers and over 20 Litres of Protector C spray covering 3-4 retreatments.


Bed bugs: check your hotel room…

Enjoy this interesting infographic in order to know how to spot bed bugs into your hotel room whether you are the owner of the hotel or just a customer renting the room.

How to Find Bed Bugs in Hotel Room?

The debate between the benefits and costs of prevention Vs eradication for hotels is still ongoing. One thing is for sure, if you are unlucky enough to contract them in your property, they are a nightmare to get rid of.

Prevention, is a relatively small cost to pay, to avoid the nightmare of a bed bug infestation.

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**Thanks to Josh Hulme (business development executive /Pest Control specialist) for his interesting guest post**

Josh is also the author of ”Pest control, rats are a common problem

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