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As the Schmallenberg virus has become a real problem to farmers, we want to introduce you to our successful partner in the Pest Control Industry, Agropharm Ltd.


Who is Agropharm Ltd?

 Agropharm Ltd


Agropharm Ltd is a UK based company manufacturing pest control products for over 30 years. It includes agrochemical, public health and also veterinary products.

The experience of Agropharm in this area is to benefit the world, as it exports now to over 70 countries with a particular focus on North Africa and the Middle East.  Through, the master distributor of the Agropharm range in the UK, you have the benefit of quality and  well researched products for professional and amateur use.


national farmer

Recently, the trusted National Farmer Magazine has published an article in partnership with Agropharm about a topic that concerns most of the farmers and veterinaries around the world, in particular the UK:    The Schmallenberg virus in sheep and cattle.


What is the Schmallenberg virus?

Schmallenberg virus is the informal name given to a recently isolated orthobunyavirus, which has not been given a formal name as of January 2013, initially reported in November 2011 to cause congenital malformations and stillbirths in cattle, sheep, goats, and possibly alpaca. This virus is continuing to rise across the UK and is the cause of about 60% loss in some early lambing flocks. Schmallenberg has recently been the subject of a Countryfile episode and is gaining notoriety across the UK.

The aim of Agropharm and HSD is to take urgent action in order to make sure that the Schmallenberg virus does not affect the livestock of farmers.

In the National Farmer’s article, Agropharm Ltd describes the causes of the virus’s spreading as following:

The Schmallenberg virus which is spread by midges, has been associated with late abortion or birth defects in newborn lambs and cattle, and unusually, there is evidence that the virus has been transmitted during the winter months. Confirmed that the virus have risen by 24% in the past of months, suggesting the disease is spreading rapidly”

As you can understand, the virus has proven to be physically and economically disastrous for professionals of this industry. That’s why Agropharm Ltd has developed a simple to use unique , organic and water based product that will control midges bites and will limit the spread of the Schmallenberg virus.

The anti-biting agent and new born of  the agrochemical specialist range  is called Neem Pro Riddance. is mentioned in this article as the only distributor of this unique anti biting product. So far, this revolutionary product is the only one on the market to prevent biting on animals. Our sole aim with the introduction of Neem Pro Riddance to the British market, is to protect and preserve a fundamental part of the British economy, and British culture.

Neem pro riddance-Schmallenberg virus

Neem Pro Riddance  is now available as a concentrate for dilution or as a convenient, cost effective and ready to use trigger for immediate spray.

 Really recently, the Managing Director of Agropharm Ltd, Geoff Foxon, has been interviewed about this drastic virus. Here is a summary of his thoughts:

“There is currently no vaccine for the Schmallenberg virus so at this point the best course of action is prevention as part of and integrated programme to reduce incidence. Neem Pro Riddance will offer a second line of defence even when a vaccine does become available”

Mr Foxon has correctly summarised the situation and our aim is to raise awareness of this deadly disease and the best possible ways for British farmers to combat its threat.

Don’t hesitate to phone our customer service team for more details, we will be more than happy to help.

**Thanks to Josh Hulme (business development executive /Pest Control specialist) for his interesting guest post**

Josh is also the author of ”Pest control, rats are a common problem”  and “Hotels and bed bugs: prevention Vs eradication

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