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Ten Facts You Need to Know About Bedbugs

bedbug facts

April 3, 2018 by Chris Chapman

Bedbugs are tiny terrors that can infest your whole home in a matter of days. Getting rid of them isn’t easy, so it helps to be prepared and to know what you’re up against. If you’re worried about these bloodsucking critters, or you know someone who is, read on – it could save you a lot of stress!

  1. Bedbugs illustration

    Don’t underestimate them

Bedbugs are small, but they’re extremely tough! Getting rid of them is difficult and will need some specialist, professional quality products. Have a quick browse of our complete guide to identifying and dealing with bedbugs to find out what you’re up against, how to identify them and how you can deal with them.

  1. It might not be bedbugs!

If you wake up one morning covered in itchy bites or rashes, don’t immediately assume it must be bedbugs. It could also be down to some other pests, like fleas, or it could even be an allergic reaction to something in your bed. The best way to know for sure is to go over your bed thoroughly with a bright torch to see if you can find any physical evidence, like eggs, dead shells or even the bugs themselves. If you can’t find any bedbugs at all you might want to visit your GP.

  1. Everyone reacts differently

    Bedbugs affect us all differently

If you’re covered in bites, but you have a partner who isn’t, then you can’t have bedbugs, right? Well, everyone’s body reacts differently to bedbugs. Some people flare up in red blotches, some people get itchy, and some people show no signs of bites at all! Even if your partner doesn’t show any signs of bites, still check your bedding to make sure.

  1. They’re disgusting… but not that disgusting

Bedbugs don’t care how clean your house is. The only thing they’re after is somewhere soft, warm and with a regular supply of blood. They aren’t more likely to appear in dirty places and simply cleaning your house isn’t enough to prevent them unless you use some professional-quality products.

  1. They love clutter

While dirt doesn’t attract bedbugs, clutter definitely does! Bedbugs love the dark and will make their homes anywhere where there’s cracks and crevices. A cluttered room full of boxes and furniture is ideal for a bedbug, so if you think you might have an infestation, make sure everything in the room is thoroughly checked.

  1. Bedbugs can’t jump

Bedbugs are a bit like Woody Harrelson – they can’t jump. They can move pretty fast for something so tiny, but if you spot something jumping, chances are it’s a flea or another pest. Also, bedbugs don’t have wings, so thankfully they can’t fly!

  1. They’re not picky

Human blood is the easiest snack for a bedbug, as we’re not covered in thick fur like most mammals. However, that doesn’t mean bedbugs won’t latch onto animals if they have the chance. Animals with thick fur are less likely to bring bedbugs into your home, however the bedbugs can still get at any area not covered in fur. In fact, scientists who study bedbugs often raise them on guinea pigs, so any animal is a potential target.

  1. Use a one-two punch

Most pest control experts will tell you that relying on one method to get rid of bedbugs is risky. It’s often best to combine methods, such as using both a smoke generator and a powder to make sure you get them all. We have a complete kit with everything you need HERE to provide complete coverage for the best results.


  1. They’re not a health risk

The idea of something sucking your blood is gross, but aside from that bedbugs won’t harm you and they don’t carry diseases. Often the problems bedbugs bring are mental, as they can be tough to get rid of, bringing stress, irritation and sleepless nights.

  1. They’re more common than you think

    Bedbugs pest control

    Bedbugs are the second most common reason for pest control callouts

Around 16% of pest control calls are to deal with bedbugs. This makes them the second most common type of critter after rodents. If you’re worried about catching them, get prepared by investing in mattress and pillow protectors, which stops bedbugs from getting inside your mattress and pillows and makes them much easier to spot and remove.

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