Steam Mop: Kills 99% of the bacteria!


A hygienic, hot mop with excellent cleaning power and no need for chemicals? It must be a steam mop.

Gone are the days of using a wooden handled mop and a bucket of dirty water. Say hello to the steam mop...

hometek light N easy steam mop

Light “N” Easy steam mop: The 21st century’s answer to the boring old mop 

As opposed to regular mops which often require bleaches and detergents, a steam mop cleverly uses the heat from the steam to disinfect the floors. Not only can you clean kitchen and bathroom floors with these marvellous mops, but a lot of them have built-in carpet gliders so you can even make your living room and bedroom carpets look as good as new.

What more could you ask? Well, you could ask for an overall more hygienic experience. You’ve got it. Killing up to 99% of bacteria, you can be assured that when using a modern mop, you really are guaranteed to have cleaner, dirt-free floors.

hometek light N Easy steam mop

 The Light n Easy steam mop. Possibly one of the best steam mops out there.


So, how do they work?

Once the steam mop has heated up the water, it can reach temperatures of around 120°C. The steam soaks the pad on the bottom of the mop and dirt is quickly and easily drawn off the ground – around 99% it to be precise. However, unlike regular mops, most recent mops do not leave a residue on your floors.

Thanks to this innovative technology, the intense heat of the steam can kill about 99% of the bacteria and household dust mites. These new mops can disinfect floors, restore shine, kill dust mites and also remove some stains.

To see some steam mop reviews, take a look at our product range and see what our customers think of them. Our range of steam mops.

A lot of steam mops are cleverly designed to be ideal for users of all ages. And all sizes. Take a look at this handy steam mop for example; perfect for reaching those tight places.

handy steam mop
Handy steam mop: Perfect for tight places

Advantages of a modern steam mop:


 Easy to use and cheap to run: It only needs water,

 Very hygienic: Kills 99% of the bacteria,

 Easy to carry and to store,

Ideal for users of all ages,

→ Money back guarantee: It’s worth trying,

 Most of them have a built-in carpet glider,

 No use of chemical products (bleach or other detergents).


→ With affordable steam mops at prices starting from £23.50, you really can’t go wrong.


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