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Treat yourself this winter (and save money!) with an electric blanket

November 3, 2016 by Josh Hulme

Using an electric blanket has rapidly grown in popularity over the past few years for a variety of reasons.

People have discovered that it’s an low cost alternative to keep themselves and their families warm and cosy throughout the winter months with costs from as little as 2p per night!

What is an electric blanket?

An electric blanket is a heated blanket that produces a relaxing, comfortable heat level throughout the night.

What types of electric blanket are there?

Fitted electric blankets / heated mattress covers
This is the most popular type of electric blanket with our customers. Heated mattress covers are snugly fitted to a mattress just like a fitted sheet. They sit underneath your bed sheet and provide a comforting heat from below. The tight secure fit ensures they do not move in the night ensuring you will have a perfect, undisturbed night’s sleep. Tip: Watch out for some of the cheaper electric underblankets that secure with tie tapes as these often aren’t as comfortable and can move around in the night.

Homefront electric blanket

Homefront’s Electric Blanket Collection is our best-selling range

Heated duvets
Some users prefer to be heated from above and we offer a range of heated duvets that either go in your existing duvet cover or can be left loose atop of the bed to heat from above.

Electric over blankets

Heated over blankets are (similarly to heated duvets) designed to lie on top of users and are available in sizes to fit the majority of beds. These often have similar features to fitted electric blankets but work from above and not below. Over blankets and heated duvets are particularly popular with vulnerable users or elderly users with continence issues and are also very popular with memory foam mattress owners as heated under blankets are not designed for such bed types.

What are the best features to look for when deciding on a electric blanket?

Some of our customers most favourable features include:

  • Dual controls: One partner has their side on the highest heat setting, the other completely off! This versatile function is greatly valued and enables both occupants to enjoy a fantastic night’s sleep without one being freezing cold and the other boiling hot!
Homefront fleece electric blanket

This Homefront Luxury Fleece Electric Blanket has dual controls with 9 heat settings and 9 timer settings

  • Luxury fleece finish: Adding an air of luxury to proceedings, the fleece finish on some of our fitted electric blankets (including Homefront electric blankets) enables users to completely immerse themselves in the luxury and relaxing feeling produced.
  • Varied heat settings: We have found our users prefer a electric blanket with several heat settings enabling them to find their perfect level of heat.
  • Reasonable pricing from the best brands: We understand not everyone can afford to pay £60-£70 for an electric blanket that may only be used 3 months of the year. (Although people buy the electric blankets with the intention of using them only through the winter, all year use is becoming increasingly popular!) For this reason, we stock the high quality, low cost range of MYLEK electric blankets. They are available in a a variety of sizes with a choice of luxurious fleece or a standard finish along with 3 heat settings. The perfect choice for those on a tighter budget.
Mylek fully fitted electric blanket

Similar to the Homefront range, MYLEK offers a fleece and non fleece option with 3 heat settings

We also offer the entire range of Dreamland electric blankets, duvets and throws which include features such as Intelliheat technology and long warranty periods.

Save money – An electric blanket is an investment
With running costs incredibly low for electric blanket use even when using all night – households can save a huge amount of money. Expensive central heating and portable heating can cost over 100 times as much per night.

Homefront chocolate throw

Using a chocolate heated throw whilst on the sofa saves so much £££ compared to the central heating!

Keep warm on the sofa
Heated throws can be used on a sofa to drape over yourself and the Homefront and MYLEK Chocolate Throws provide an impressive 9 heat settings along with a beautifully soft touch for a very or ultimate relaxation and comfort. They can be used switched on or switched off depending on how cold you are and when not in use, they look gorgeous draped across your sofa.

They are quick to heat up, come with Advanced Overheat Protection for your peace of mind and the digital controller is easy to use including a timer allowing you to set the throw to turn off automatically. This is useful if you choose to use the throw as an over blanket on top of your duvet while sleeping.
Whichever type, size and material you prefer; we have an electric blanket or throw suited to your needs. Browse our complete range of electric blankets and start having a wonderfully warm and toasty night’s sleep – every night.


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