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Car Care

Professional Quality Car Detailing at Affordable Prices

At HSD, we only stock the best. That’s why we’re proud to stock Pro-Kleen’s best-selling range of car care products at affordable prices. Pro-Kleen’s car detailing range is for professional and domestic car cleaning alike, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a car owner looking to clean up their vehicle, a taxi driver who needs the best cleaning for their business, or a car detailer who’s working on a classic – Pro-Kleen is the car cleaning brand for you.

Pro-Kleen Snow Foam

Snow foam is what’s known as a pre-wash. You spray it onto your vehicle before your contact wash to lift off stubborn dirt and traffic film, making your follow-up car shampoos much easier and more effective. Pro-Kleen Snow Foam is known for its extra-thick foam which clings to your car’s paintwork, increasing the contact time between the foam and the dirt on your car. This makes for a super-effective pre-wash that leaves your car looking shinier than ever!

Pro-Kleen Snow Foam Lances

Snow foam lances are special attachments for pressure washers. They’re designed to agitate the liquid snow foam into the thick, clingy foam that ends up on your car. Pro-Kleen’s lance is uniquely designed to give you the best results possible from your Pro-Kleen Snow Foam, giving you thick foam every time.

Wash and Wax Treatments

Car shampoo is one of the most common car detailing products. It’s sometimes called a ‘contact wash’ as you apply it to your car using a washcloth or a mitt. However, just because wash and wax treatments are so common doesn’t mean they’re all the same, and Pro-Kleen’s range of car shampoos are a cut above the rest! Choose from regular wash and wax, waterless wash and wax, and premium carnauba wax treatments to clean, shine, and protect your car.

pH Neutral Car Care

Regular car cleaning products tend to be slightly alkaline for a slightly greater cleaning power. However, if you have an old or valuable car with sensitive paintwork, you might want something that offers a gentler clean. If that’s the case, you can browse Pro-Kleen’s range of pH neutral car cleaning products above. These pH neutral snow foams, car shampoos, and waxes will keep your car clean while protecting sensitive paintwork.

Iron Fallout Remover

Have you noticed your wheels look dull and dirty, even after a thorough washing? They might be suffering from iron fallout or iron contamination. This occurs when tiny iron particles wear off from your brake pads and cling to your wheel trims. Don’t let drab wheels drag down your detailing sessions – Pro-Kleen’s iron fallout removers will break down that iron fallout in under 5 minutes. If you want your wheels to look brand new, a quick spray of Troll’s Breath or Dragon’s Blood will get them shinier than ever before!

Tar Spot Remover

Tar spots seem to appear out of nowhere on your car, and they’re really tricky to clean off. Regular shampoo might not have the cleaning power required to break down tar spots, but Pro-Kleen’s Tar Dah! Tar Spot Remover certainly does! It quickly and easy cleans away black marks as well as bug splatter and tree sap to leave your car’s bodywork looking spotless.

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