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Pest Control

Pest Control

Choose the right Pest Control products

Have a look at one of the UKs largest pest control products sellers. Whether you are looking for a bed bug spray, flea bombs or an electric fly killer, we have it all on next day delivery service. Enjoy low prices on our pest control products and an outstanding customer service including advice from pest control professionals.

Working in partnership with leading pest control manufacturers Agropharm and Pelgar, our range of pest control products are HSE tested and approved to kill a multitude of pests.

Our products are previous professional products that have now had HSE approval for DIY/Amateur use in the home or garden. The range includes Foggers, sprays and powders all safe and simple to use.

Our range of products offer fantastic savings compared to employing professional pest controllers.

Some of the pests we can eliminate are listed below:

Bed Bugs:

Bed Bugs are one of the largest growing pests in the UK, particularly around major cities and are a menace for hotel and bed and breakfasts. We offer both ready made kits containing all you will need to treat a room for Bed Bugs and individual items if you are looking to retreat a room or are trying to contain a small scale infestation.

All of our products are HSE tested.

Flea Control:

Similarly to our Bed Bug kits, our flea kits contain all you need to combat a flea infestation. These includes fumigators, IGR sprays (this is a spray that stops the flea developing, thus cutting the reproductive cycle) and powders.

Treating pets with fleas:

Our Diatom powders can be safely applied to dogs, cats and even chickens to kill fleas and poultry mite that are living on the animal.

Typically, fleas spend the majority of their lives on the animal, so treating the animal as well as infested rooms is key to eliminating a flea infestation.


Working with Pelgar, a leading Rodent killer developer, our range of Rat and Mouse Poison sachets, Wax poison blocks and secure bait stations ensures you can eliminate a rodent infestation whether indoors or in the garden and protect any pets or children from the poison.

We understand dealing with any kind of pest control infestation can be a daunting experience therefore if you require any advice at all, please feel free to call our specialist call centre. We guarantee a discreet, professional and effective service.

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