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Water Heaters

Water Heaters

Wide range of electric water heaters from catering urns through to instant and storage water heaters

We offer a complete range of water heaters for a multitude of purposes. From electric catering urns for providing hot water for cups of tea and coffee through to instant water heaters for providing hot water on demand, we offer the best brands of water heater at the most competitive prices online. Expert, technical advice is available to yet ensure we provide you with the perfect unit for your needs.

Instant Water Heaters

Instant water heaters do not store heated water, but instead use a high electrical output with heating elements to provide hot water once a tap or shower is switched on. The requested water runs over the elements and is heated, ensuring hot water runs from the tap or shower within seconds of you activating the tap.

Instant water heaters can also be used in the catering industry (commonly known as point of use water heaters or hand wash heaters). These provide a small amount of water for hand washing or briefly washing pots in commercial kitchens. These tankless units can often be installed under or above a sink, giving a premises a more flexible approach than larger under or over sink water heaters that take up more space above or underneath the draw off point.

Under Sink Water Heaters

Typically refer to 10 or 15 litre units that store the set amount of water for when a user needs hot water. These are commonly used for washing up underneath kitchen sinks or for hand or face washing underneath a bathroom sink. They can often need expansion vessels and pressure relief valve to ensure any expanded water does no go back into the system which can damage pipework. They have a smaller power output than instant water heaters as once the set amount of water is heated, the unit only has to maintain this temperature rather than heating the cold water on demand quickly.

Over sink water heaters work in the same way but are fitted above a sink with the connections on the bottom of the unit.

Catering Urns

Hot water catering urns include manual fill units and auto fill units that automatically refill from your main water source using your pipework. These plumbed in units are available from Burco and Lincat amongst other brands and typically have a a longer warranty period than manual fill units.

Electric catering urns that are filled every morning to provide litres of hot water for drinks throughout the day are available from Swan and Burco and are available in a range of sizes to suit all office/premises sizes. Ideally, the urn should be filled in a morning and provide drinks all day without having to be refilled until the following morning.

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