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5L Cleenly Macerator Cleaner and Descaler Solution

From £18.38 inc VAT
From £15.32 exc VAT

5L Cleenly Macerator Cleaner and Descaler Solution

From £18.38 inc VAT
From £15.32 exc VAT

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  • Super concentrated formula to descale your Macerator unit
  • Suitable for Toilets, Saniflo Units, Urinals and Septic Tanks
  • Cleans and removes limescale to prolong the life of your macerator
  • Provides a deep, thorough clean every time
  • Use 1.5L - 2.5L per application - 8-10 applications with our 4 pack!
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  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Product Code: 262049
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Product information

Brand: Cleenly
  • Cleenly Toilet Macerator cleaner uses our unique formula to remove limescale, clean and freshen your macerator unit.
  • Removes limescale and ensures your Macerator works efficiently and is kept well maintained.
  • Suitable for use on all Saniflo units, septic tanks and general toilets and urinals as a general toilet cleaner.
  • Safe for use internally or externally
  • Very easy to use.

How to use Cleenly Toilet Macerator Cleaner & Descaler

1. Turn off the power supply to your unit. (This may be a switch or you may have to pop the fuse out - usually located near the machine itself.)

2. Pour 1.5-2.5 litres of solution into the toilet bowl. (We recommend pouring the whole bottle into the toilet if you have a larger unit.)

3. Leave the solution to stand in the macerator for up to two hours for best results.

4. Switch your unit back on or pop the fuse back in. The macerator should run momentarily while pumping out the solution.

5. Once the macerator has stopped pumping, flush the toilet once, wait for the macerator to stop and then flush again to rinse the macerator out.

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