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Radiant Panel Heaters – Heat You Feel Right Away

radiant panel heaterRadiant panel heaters are ideal if you need instant warmth. They heat up as soon as you turn them on, so you don’t need to worry about waiting for your room to get warm. Below, you’ll find lots more information about these cosy panel heaters; or you can simply browse our range above and pick out your favourite.

What Is a Radiant Heater?

Most panel heaters and radiators work using convection. This means they warm up the air in a room and circulate that warm air around, which is why they take a little time to heat a room. Radiant heaters work using thermal radiation instead. Thermal radiation (usually known as radiant heat) penetrates objects and warms them directly. As a result, you’ll be able to feel the heat they emit as soon as you switch them on. Radiant heat is also emitted by fire and the sun, which is why you feel warm as soon as you’re in firelight or sunlight.

Despite their name, radiators only give off a very small amount of radiant heat. In fact, they work mainly using convection. The only way to get that instantly-warming radiant heat is to use a specially-designed radiant heater!

Benefits of Radiant Heaters

Instant Warmth

Radiant heaters are a great way to keep you cosy without the wait. As long as you’re in the path of the thermal radiation, you’ll feel the warmth straight away. Unlike panel heaters or oil filled radiators, radiant heaters don’t need any time to warm up. As they don’t need to circulate warm air around the room, radiant heaters are better for very large or draughty rooms that are difficult to warm up efficiently using more traditional heaters.

Sleek and Stylish

Dimplex glass panel heaterRadiant heaters often look a bit different to your traditional panel heater. As a result of the way they work, they can be made of a single, seamless panel which looks modern and stylish. This means they’re easy to fit into any décor – just pick the one that you think looks best!

Reduce Damp and Mould

Radiant heat penetrates objects and – essentially – warms them up from the inside out. This means that they’re good for drying out damp walls and preventing mould.

Health Benefits

Thermal radiation can have some surprising health benefits. As it penetrates your skin and muscles, it can help slightly reduce inflammation, aches, and pains. You won’t get a full therapeutic treatment from a radiant heater, but they could help other treatments work a bit more effectively.

What to Look for in a Radiant Panel Heater


Looks aren’t everything, but they certainly help! Radiant panel heaters come in a wide range of designs and can be functional or more stylish. Browse our range above and choose the one that you think will look best in your décor.

Timer and Thermostat

Radiant heater with timer and thermostatTimers and thermostats should be considered essential features on any heater in this day and age. They help you adjust your heating according to your schedule, dramatically reducing the amount of energy you waste.

Single or Dual Heating Elements

Some radiant heaters have a dual heating element which uses both radiant and convective heat. This means you get all the benefits of both – you’ll be warmed up instantly while also getting that cosy feeling you get from a convection heater.


You’ll only feel the benefit of a radiant heater if its infrared rays reach you. If your heater isn’t powerful enough, they won’t be able to spread across the room effectively and your heating won’t be running efficiently. Ideally, you’ll need around 100W power per square metre for efficient heating.

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