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IntelliHeat Cali Sense Smart Designer Radiator

From £399.95 exc VAT
From £479.94 inc VAT

IntelliHeat Cali Sense Smart Designer Radiator

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From £479.94 inc VAT
From £399.95 exc VAT

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Product information

Brand - IntelliHeat Radiators

Cali Sense Radiators

  • A luxurious range of smart, designer radiators, designed and manufactured in Italy

  • Our #1 heating recommendation for landlords, large building projects, offices, apartments, flats and student housing - provides you with the ability to control how much heating your tenants are using

  • Allows you to save up to 30% on energy costs when compared to storage heaters and non-compliant heating solutions

  • Exceeds Ecodesign Lot 20 legislation requirements

  • Tested, approved and passed by LCIE for NF certification (A+++ Rated), Class 2 Double Insulated & IP24 Rated

  • 24/7 weekly, fully programmable timer, Open Window Detection, Real Time Energy Consumption Monitor and WiFi/app controlled


Why choose Cali Sense Radiators?

The Cali Sense range of smart electric radiators provides users with integrated intelligent electric heating control functions which comply with, and indeed exceed, all the requirements of Lot 20.

With every radiator and component manufactured in Italy to guarantee superior quality, design and performance, IntelliHeat radiators have been leading the way in efficiency and design way before Lot 20 Compliancy was required, far surpassing any competitor in the market.

The luxurious Cali Sense Radiator Collection is designed specifically according to the key principles of Ecodesign Legislation. These extremely useful, energy efficient features help provide an average saving of over 30% compared to storage heaters and non-compliant heating solutions. 

The flexibility and efficiency provided by the Cali Sense make it our number one heating recommendation for flats, landlords, student housing and other areas where control and efficiency are pivotal.

  1. The Cali Sense electric radiator is the original, market leading, energy efficient electric radiator - often imitated but never surpassed.

  2. It features an impressive thermostat that is accurate to 0.1 degrees (50% more accurate than Lot 20 requirements). The thermostat closely maintains your set temperature for minimal energy usage and is far superior to any thermostat on the market today.

  3. The 24/7 weekly, fully programmable timer functionality allows the user to select a temperature to set against a comfort and background selections, that are inputted into every hour of the week - 168 hours in total. (For example, you could set 21°C for your Comfort Setting and 16°C for your Economy Setting. Your desired temperatures are then accurately maintained by the thermostat.)

  4. Unlike other heaters, the intelligent control system staggers how much energy is used as you near and reach your desired, set temperature.

Cali Sense will detect the sudden heat loss in its designated area, and if you have enabled the Open Window Detection System, this smart radiator will automatically turn down the required heating temperature in that room by 1°C every 20 minutes. Many heaters offer a similar function nowadays, however, the difference is that the accuracy of Cali Sense has been tested, approved and passed by LCIE for NF certification (A+++ Rated).

Presence Detection & Self Learning settings

Each radiator is fitted with a PIR sensor that will automatically switch the radiator down should no movement be detected for a certain length of time. The temperature is slowly reduced and the radiator will reactivate immediately once movement is detected. The radiator has an intelligent, self-learning facility that commences after 7 days. As a result, it monitors your unique lifestyle and habits to automatically increase the energy efficiency of your property. For example, if you set the heater to have your lounge heated to full temperature at 17:40 but you arrive home at 18:00, the heater will automatically adjust itself to ensure its at your desired temperature at 18:00 and enhance your energy savings even further.

Real Time Energy Consumption Monitor

With the CaliSense, you can literally see how little money you are spending. Simply input what you pay per kilowatt of power the smart radiator will count its energy consumption, enabling you to identify where you can make any further savings.

WiFi & App Controlled

The Calisense range can be completely controlled from a smartphone. Change your heat settings at the simple click of a button, even when you're out of the country. The ideal solution for landlords with rental properties to prevent tenants from wasting money on unnecessary heating costs. Users can also select the holiday mode function and decide what temperature the property will be kept at and resume to their usual heating settings at the click of a button on their return. To enable WIFI and App control, a separate control gatway and one receiver per radiator must be purchased. These are detailed below. 

Class 2 Double Insulated & IP24 Rated

Advanced safety features include double insulation to protect users from any electric shocks. This range of designer heaters are all IP24 rated meaning that they are safe for installation in bathrooms.


Dimensions and Coverage:


Dimensions: H580mm x W631mm x D80mm

Weight: 15.7kg


Dimensions: H580mm x W711mm x D80mm

Weight: 17.9kg


Dimensions: H580mm x W871mm x D80mm

Weight: 21.4kg


Dimensions: H580mm x W951mm x D80mm

Weight: 23.2kg


Dimensions: H580mm x W1191mm x D80mm

Weight: 29.1kg


IntelliHeat Cali Sense Coverage

For an older property with poor insulation and single glazing: 40W per cubic metre is recommended.

For a newer property built after 1976 with good insulation levels and double glazing: 30W per cubic metre is recommended

The heating calculations are based on the following temperature requirements:

  • Living areas at 21°C
  • Bathrooms at 22°C
  • Bedrooms, kitchens, hallways and landings at 18°C

Warranty period: 10 year warranty on the body, 2 year warranty on the electronics.

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