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IntelliHeat Radiators vs Traditional Heating Methods

1) Selective, versatile heating

Why heat empty spaces? Would you leave your car running in the garage? Central heating radiators needlessly heat your entire home while you may only be using one room. Regular central heating means that radiators operate at full power and use vast amounts of energy to heat empty spaces for no reason.

2) Incredibly accurate thermostat

Central heating radiators typically operate at an accuracy of between 2 and 3 degrees. IntelliHeat radiators operate at a thermostat accuracy of 0.1 degrees, 20 times more accurate than traditional radiators.

3) Fantastic heat transfer properties

Due to the clever construction of the CaliSense radiator, heat is released through 100% of the alumininim body to quickly get your room to your chosen temperature. Competitor models are shown to be less efficient with some units heating less than 40% of the front panel.

Cali sense thermostat
IntelliHeat Radiators

4) EcoSense® Technology

IntelliHeat radiators can each be individually set to reduce energy use in rooms not typically in use. The state of the art PIR sensor that is fitted to the CaliSense will automatically cut your energy use when there has been no presence detected in a room for a certain amount of time.

5) Advanced TRIAC Heating Technology

When there has been no motion detected in the room for a while and the heater begins increasing to your desired temperature, it goes through an energy saving, staggered process, lowering the radiator's energy usage as it nears the target temperature again. More information is available here on this interesting technology. Traditional heating methods will operate at full power, often surging way past your target temperature, using energy for no good reason.

6) Complete 24/7 programmability

The user remains in full control, allowing you to select a temperature for every hour of every day of every week of every year! Want your lounge at 20°C and your kitchen at 16°C? It's a simple, one click process with the IntelliHeat range.

7) App control

Control each radiator (and other electric appliances) from anywhere in the world with your smartphone or tablet. Change settings with one simple click of a button.

8) Modern, contemporary design

With aluminium front and side panels, these radiators add a sophisticated, modern feel to any premises and with its sleek, white finish, will complement any type of décor.

9) Real time smart energy monitor:

Real time energy readings provide the user with up to the minute energy expenditure and costs, allowing you to identify when and where the most energy is being used.

Intelli heat Cali sense electric radiators
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