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P-Screen Scented Urinal Screens - 60 Day Odour Control - Case of 6

£47.78 inc VAT
£39.82 exc VAT

P-Screen Scented Urinal Screens - 60 Day Odour Control - Case of 6

£47.78 inc VAT
£39.82 exc VAT

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  • The only 60 day odour control urinal mat on the market!
  • Unique Triple Action Screen with Dual Fragrances and enzyme protection
  • Releases bateria, water softeners and the fragrance for a complete solution
  • Contains natural bacteria and enzymes to eliminate odours at source
  • Continually digests organic matter for a fresher washroom
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  • Product Code: 262045
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Product information

Brand: Vectair
  • The P-Screen Urinal screen is the only 60-day urinal mat available in the UK today.
  • Featuring a central core that completely revolutionizes the way your urines are maintained, cleaned and presented to clients
  • The urinal mat uses a dual air freshening system to avoid odour fatigue (where a fragrance loses its effect due to the users familiarity) and therefore over the 60 day lifetime introduces other fragrances to keep your washroom at its perfect best.
  • No masking of bad odours, the P screen releases friendly bacteria with enzymes to digest uric acid and degrade organic matter for a cleaner, fresher urinal.
  • Instead, the P-Screen eliminates very nasty odours and replaces them with a beautiful fragrance of your choosing. 
  • Also contains water softeners to help protect against hard water and limescale in your drains and pipes but also releases the fresh fragrance into your pipework for a true air freshening solution.
  • The thicker screen also helps combat splashback as well as providing a more substantial, 60-day solution.  
  • No need for harsh or toxic chemicals
  • Pleasant to look at and helps provide a positive impression of your business to customers.
  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • The bacteria is only active once released into the washroom, providing a true 60-day urinal odour control solution.

Additional information on the bacteria used:

  • Protease enables the bacteria to digest proteinaceous matter which would otherwise produce offensive odours.
  • Uricase is responsible for the degradation of uric acid, making it more soluble in water, which leads to a significant reduction in the build-up of uric acid scale, avoiding unsightly deposits and potential pipework blockages.
  • In addition, once the bacterial population has been established, less desirable bacteria will be out-competed. These can include pathogenic species or those that generate unpleasant odours from alternative breakdown pathways or urease production.

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