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How to Kill Red Mites on Chickens?

HSDonline have been working with world renowned Pest Control manufacturer Agropharm to develop a simple, economic yet deadly method to kill and remove chicken red mites, whilst keeping the poultry and user safe:

These simple steps include:

- Red Mite Spray - used to protect chicken coops and houses from infestation as well as remove any active red mite problem in the habitat.

- Red Mite Powder - Apply directly to the bird (5-7g per bird) and any acrive mites on the bird will be killed.

-Poultry Fumers - Empty the coop and simply light the fuse. 3 hours later and the insecticide within the smoke will provide rapid knockdown and immediately kill mites in the area. This is particularly important as humans, we cannot physically guarantee to hit all the cracks and spaces when applying the spray.

Repeat 7-10 days later (and again for severe cases) and your poultry mite issue will be solved, leaving your poultry happy and productive once more.

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