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Protector C 1 Litre Bed Bug Killer Spray

£10.98 inc VAT
£9.15 exc VAT

Protector C 1 Litre Bed Bug Killer Spray

HSE Approved Insect Killer spray for safe use on mattresses and carpets

348 reviews
£10.98 inc VAT
£9.15 exc VAT

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Product information

Brand: Agropharm
Weight: 1 kg
  • Spray carpets, sofas, mattresses, inside drawers and cupboards and the Bed Bug Killer spray will soak in providing protection for up to 6 weeks. No staining and no smell means you can use on all furnishings with no concerns.
  • Once dry, any Bed Bug coming into contact with the sprayed areas will be eliminated. Finding dead bugs is a common sign that the spray treatment is working.
  • Safe for children and Pets alike. 
  • Once the spray is dry, children and pets can re-enter a treated room.
  • Recommended for use with Bed Bug fumers and Powders alike for a complete treatment of a room where Bed Bugs are present.
  • We recommend topping the spray up after cleaning and hoovering to ensure it is always at its full potency.
  • Application takes no more than 15 minutes and a 1 Litre bottle will treat a lounge, bedroom or dining room area.
  • The Application rates are 1 spray (25ml) per metre²


Rating 4.5 out of 5 based on 348 reviews.
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Angela Allen
After trying allsorts of products this one worked
29 Jan 2019
Geoff Fletcher
This product seams to have done the trick but only time will tell.
2 Oct 2018
jackie davies
Excellent product- more expensive compared to similar products but cleared the problem instantly
18 Sep 2018
Mr Colin Coford
This product is very effective and produces immediate results with lasting effects and the convenience of ordering by post.The cost of the product and free postage makes it an affordable product.
26 Jul 2018
Nisha Jabbar
Still using the products, I have seen a difference
19 Jul 2018
Clare Sennett
Fantasitic all rounder to kill many types of insects. Currently using this to eradicate flys by spraying onto surfaces.
21 Jun 2018
Mr Colin Coford
A very powerful product that produces very fast results.
13 Jun 2018
Yung Leung
very effective in eliminating bed bugs.
4 Oct 2016
George Taylor, Fife
Have tried this product and on the first attempt has cleared my problem with silver ushers. I will continue to use product every six weeks. Easy to use.
7 Nov 2012
Andrew, Conwy
7 Oct 2012
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Documents & Instructions

Frequently asked questions

Can this product be used in the house during pregnancy?
You must not breathe in the spray, you are advised to wear a respiratory mask during application.
is this safe to use with children in the house? what if the children want to go to the toilet after using the product in the bathroom
The Pro C Spray will be fine once it has been allowed to dry. 
Is this safe around children and pets if not what are the preceutions. I have clusters flies 2 - 3 times a year in our bedroom and they are in the window frame, will I have to spray teh frame monthly? or how often. thanks mags
Yes, this is safe around children; the active ingredient is not a threat to humans.  Of course, while treating, please clear the area of pets/children and return once the Protector C spray has dried (approximately 15 minutes). Spray the area every 7 - 10 days.
how often do I have to treat the area to prevent cluster flys returning? thanks
Cluster flies are active in the April and October months. You will find that treatment is needed at these times.
I have several silver fish in my flat, what do they feed on. Are they harmful, and what is the best way to get rid of them?
Silverfish thrive in damp areas. The best products to eliminate Silverfish from your home are Fortefog Fumers, Protector C spray and Residex P dusting powder. 
I found had fleas about 2 weeks ago, since then I have used 3 sprays, one of which was hugely choking. I brush the cat with a flea comb twice a day and have removed the odd flea (every other day) i find one or poss 2. He is also wearing a flea collar an
We would advise you to use the Protector C in the rooms infested, and repeat the treatment every 7 - 10 days until the fleas have been eradicated.
I found had fleas about 2 weeks ago, since then I have used 3 sprays, one of which was hugely choking. I brush the cat with a flea comb twice a day and have removed the odd flea (every other day) i find one or poss 2. He is also wearing a flea collar an
You really need to use all the products within the kit to achieve the best results.
What anti flea product is best for - duvets (minus the cover) - mattresses - pillows (minus the cover) Ther are loads for carpets but they all say not for bedding - I have hot washed but you can't hot wash the above.
We would advise you to use the Fortefog Fumers and leave the duvet, mattress and pillows in the room being treated.
what product do you have that's best to kill dust mites
Protector C is the best product to use for Dust Mites.
Can this treatment be sprayed on work tops for silverfish
This item can not be used in food areas product code 132125 is the product required. 
Does this product work to deter and kill house spider?
We would advise you to used Spider Free Repellent spray to deter spiders. Please see our product code 230484.
I intend using this product on my living room carpet where I have seen some carpet beetles. I am going to do it whilst my children are at school, when they get home will it be ok for them to come in the room and sit on the carpet if they want to?
Once the product is dry it is active and then okay to re-enter the room and use as normal. 
Is it ok to vacuum the room as normal the day after using the product?
It is. However you may take potency away from the spray. It is recommended to vacuum first, and then apply the spray.
I applied the Protector C last week and have done it again this week. How many more times would you recommend doing it and also should I spray the entire carpet or just the edges of the rooms to get rid of the carpet beetles and the larvae.
A second treatment is required 7-10 days after the first application. The entire area is required to be treated. This normally resolves the problems. However, bad infestations may require a further treatment.
Can this product be used on the lino on a kitchen and bathroom floor?
Yes this product can be used on lino in both areas. If you are unsure of the material then do a tester area out of sight to make sure it does not mark. 
Is Protector C Insecticidal Spray suitable for Carpet Moth Treatment? None of the Reviews has used it for this particular infestation.
This product is effective on treating the Carpet Moth. You can also use the Fortefog Fumers (147034) and Residex P Dusting Power (150107).
Can this product be used on the exterior a polyester tent (polyester 70D) without affecting the waterproof characteristics of the tent? Also, is it safe to use this product on a tent groundsheet that may later become wet after treatment and be touched by
Protector C can be used on the surface of your polyester tent, but in the event of rain, would lose the protection. We would not recommend to spray this anywhere that would come in direct contact with skin, as this may cause irritation. We do have another product which is ideal for spraying directly onto tents. This is our En Garde Fabric Protector - product code 151883. Please follow the link below to this product.
I've ordered this to use inside a wardrobe. But can I also use this to spray inside a fresh Hoover bag, let it dry, fit the bag in the vacuum to provide additional protection against carpet beetle? It would save on throwing out a vacuum bags each time i Hoover while an infestation is present. Obviously, ensuring no wet spray anywhere near the electrical appliance? Many thanks
Yes, the product can be used to line your hoover bag. Please ensure it is fully dry before putting back into the hoover.
I have used protector c on my kitchens worktops will this harm us we have little white bugs but don't know if am allowed
The Protector C spray is not harmful to humans, but we always advise to wipe any surfaces where there is food preparation, prior to use.
Is this spray safe to use in a room with pet fish?
We would not recommend you to use this product around pet fish. It is dangerous to aquatic life.
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