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Pyrethrum 5EC 250ml Kill Aphids, Red Mite and Lice

£45.34 inc VAT
£37.78 exc VAT

Pyrethrum 5EC 250ml Kill Aphids, Red Mite and Lice

Organic, non systemic plant spray

12 reviews
£45.34 inc VAT
£37.78 exc VAT

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  • Pyrethrum 5ec - super concentrated aphid, green fly and lice killer
  • Organic solution made from the plant Pyrethrum
  • Apply Pyrethrum 5 EC at a dilution rate of 20 ml in 5 litres of water
  • Super concentrated formula 1 part Solution to 25 parts of water
  • Perfect for applications such as greenhouses through to hectares of crops
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Product information

Brand: Pelgar

Pyrethrum 5ec is one of the leading products available for protecting your plants, crops, fruits, and vegetables from aphids, green and blackfly, whitefly, lice, red mite and other nuisance insects.

  • Organic and super effective at protecting organic and high-quality crops, plants and other agricultural products.
  • The entirely organic formula interferes with the sodium channels of insects to paralyse the insects on contact with the applied solution.
  • A potent insecticide that is environmentally friendly and has very low toxicity.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Treats a wide pest spectrum with rapid control of insects.
  • With zero residue profile, the crops can be harvested after 24 hours. The solution is also non-persistent in the environment.
  • There is no limit to the number of treatments and the product is suitable for use in organic farming.
  • Combats insects resistance and boosts efficacy
  • 10 times more powerful than competitor products and 8 times more cost-effective.
  • Green book listed.

Examples of Use:

Fruit ( example)




Vegetable crops (example) 


Cabbages etc.




Insect pests controlled include


Caterpillars and Moths

Flea beetle


Spider mite

Leaf hopper


And many others

Directions for use:

  • It is essential to achieve a good spray coverage of the target crop foliage for optimum pest control. Apply in a high volume spray to ensure thorough coverage of the foliage to the point of run-off. Ensure that both upper and lower surfaces of the leaves are treated. 
  • Apply Pyrethrum 5 EC as soon as pest or pest damage is seen and when motile stages of pests are most active. Do not apply in direct sunshine or in very hot weather when it is advisable to apply in the early morning or in the evening.
  • Apply Pyrethrum 5 EC at a dilution rate of 20 ml in 5 litres water.
  • For outdoor crops, apply at a maximum individual dose of 1.1 litres product per hectare.
  • For crops grown under protection, apply at a maximum individual dose of 2.4 litres product per hectare.


Rating 4.7 out of 5 based on 12 reviews.
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martin b
an excellent organic way to remove pests.
26 Sep 2017
Erica, Somerset
Really effective, delighted with the results, finally got rid of blackfly on my climbing French beans!
2 Oct 2014
T, East Riding Of Yorkshire
Does exactly what it says on the tin,fantastic product , 1 day no more aphids.
5 Jun 2014
Mahendra, London
Excellent service and products sent on time - will use your service again.
20 Feb 2013
John, Lincolnshire
Excellent product which worked well. Eliminated the cabbage white catterpillar on my brassicas as was intended.
14 Sep 2012
Peter, Lincolnshire
Product fantastic - haven't seen a caterpiller since. As they say, it did everything it said it would on the tin. Will us you again Many thanks
14 Sep 2009
15 Oct 2008
29 Aug 2008
Barry, North Yorkshire
5 Aug 2010
Mr Hacker, Gloucestershire
Used the pyrethrum & i no longer have problems with aphids
20 Jul 2010

Documents & Instructions

Frequently asked questions

How often do I need to spray Pyrethrum for it to be effective. Regards John
We would recommend you to spray at 7 day intervals.
can pyrethrum 5ec b used on conifer hedges or is there an alternative product that would better suit. thanks. jon
This product can be used on conifer hedges, but if you are using to get rid of insects, we would advise you to spray when the insects are visible, as it kills by contact action.
To mix?, is it 5ml per litre?.dave.
The correct dilution rate is 4ml per 1L of water (20ml to 5L of water).
Saadi Karami, Zardband Pharmaceutical Co., Iran Hello I want Pyrethrin (Pyrethrum extract) for Insecticidal research. I had a few question about this field: 1) For prepare serials dilution of this product what solvent should be used? 2) Is the possibil
We would like to advise you to use water to dilute, and not to mix with anything else, including Neem Oil. The price is shown on the product information. The concentration of Pyrethrin is 5%. Unfortunately, we do not deliver outside the UK, therefore we would not be able to deliver to Iran.
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