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Speedflow Premier 10 Litre Unvented Under Sink Water Heater

Domestic or Commercial Standard.

Product Code: 133483

23 reviews
£120.60 inc VAT
£100.50 exc VAT
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  • This product is discontinued
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
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Product information

Height - 31 cm
Width - 41 cm
Depth - 28 cm
Weight - 6 kg
  • High performance Under Sink water heater. 
  • The Speedflow has a Stylish and compact design with enough capacity for washing up or hand washing - ideal for domestic and commercial use in cloakrooms, kitchens and offices. 
  • Overview of Features for the speedflow undersink water heater:
  • Speedflow 10L capacity - appropriate for 1 to 2 sinks
  • 2.0kw element for rapid heat up from cold.
  • External temperature control and neon-element on indicator.
  • Manually re-settable thermal cut out.
  • Wall mounting or speedflow undersink floor standing option. 
  • Additional accessories may be needed for the speedflow. If water pressure is high (above 4.2 bar) an HY69 SF1 kit will be needed. If cold water draw off or water meter nearby (within 2.8m) an HY68 SF2 kit will be needed.
  • Guidelines for installation:
  • Check all connections are completely water tight.You will need to use a 1/2 female to 15mm connectors(not supplied).
  • The unit has a re-settable thermal cut-out.If the unit is not heating the water, first check the re-set button. (manual re-set button is found under grey access plate on the top)
  • This unit must be mounted upright with pipe connections at the top. 
  • Cold Water Inlet - 1/2" Steel pipe with plastic insert
  • Hot Water Outlet - 1/2" Steel pipe with stainless steel insert
  • To reduce operating costs and scale build up , We recommend the temperature is set at the lowest acceptable heat level.
  • Casing - Shock-resistant polyproplyene casing.


Rating 4.7 out of 5 based on 23 reviews.
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Phil, Middlesex
The item arrived in time and easy to install
20 Jan 2013
John, Bristol
Impressive, excellent value, great supplier.
2 Jan 2013
Graham, Wakefield
Great product fast delivery, decent price
15 Mar 2012
Phillip, Nottinghamshire
the reason i purchased the boiler is we live in a caravan as we are holiday park warden's and live in the van yearly the original carver boiler gave up the ghost in october and i needed to replace it quickly. later that day i bumped into a plumber who was on holiday on the park where we worked and he suggested a undersink boiler and what a good ideia that was. he told me to type undersink boilers into the laptop and up you came and i've never iooked back it took me an hour to fit it in becauce i had to find reduces to 12 mil in all it's brillient it hold's the same amount of water as the old one and allso take's less time to heat the water and so easy to regulate wht more can i say it's a proper job
12 Dec 2011
Peter Charles, CORNWALL
I had a problem which turned out to be the fault of Western Power Supplies the Southwest main supplier and which caused me to ask you to act, which you did superbly and me the task of takng out and then refitting your boiler. --------------- I did not want to fit the new heater until after I had dismantled your old _virtually new - heater from its supply pipes and examined it more closely for the defect. I found that there was nothing wrong with the heater and that the inward power supply [which was obviously my first testing point] had then been switched off immediately prior the moment that I had done the testing of the supply from the plug to the heater leads and which then showed that there was no current reaching the heater. It is now all solved but not before HYCO had supplied me with a new heater following my call and first test. I can only thank you for the prompt response of Ernie at the HYCO end, who I was able to convince with my MIEE qualifications that I was not giving him the "tale" He then gave me the service of which I am sure makes you pleased to have them as suppliers are proud. I WOULD NOT EVEN UNPACK THE Hyco HEATER UNTIL IT WAS CLEAR THAT THE OLD ONE REALLY WAS FAULTY and I have arrranged that it will be sent back to you ASAP. If you wish to send me a bill for the delivery charge I will pay it rather than have Ernie(at Hyco) feel that he had acted too much in haste. Please copy this to HYCO with my thanks and sorry for the trouble I caused
3 Dec 2011
James Arnold-Baker, Wiltshire
Works well, and no problems installing. Great to have hot water again in my office.
9 Nov 2011
Chris, Cheshire
very good prompt service
10 May 2011
steve neville, somerset
great value for money ,easy to fit, just the hsd job.
9 May 2011
Robert, East Sussex
Great product. Does the job perfectly.
24 Feb 2011
Mr Lyon, Merseyside
Speedflow heater does exactly what it says and what I was looking for. Supplied quickly and without fuss.
14 Jul 2010

Documents & Instructions

Frequently asked questions

could this product be used on a boat were there is mains electric
Yes this product will be fine with that supply.
does this item run from a 13amp plug is there a product that does
The units doesn't come with a plug however one may be fitted.
Hi, we are considering using one of these units in a summer house conversion that also includes a bathroom, the hot water will be used for a standard size washbasin & then may also be used to supply hot water to a kitchen sink unit on the other side of th
This unit will give 10 litres of hot water and may struggle to provide hot water to a hand basin and a kitchen sink. The 15 litre may be better. No special taps. You will need the expansion kit if the draw off point is within 2.8 metres of the unit. No external drain. 
Hi, Can this unit be used with a standard mono-block mixer tap where the cold will be off mains pressure. Regards Simon Dewey Safespec Building Services Ltd
Yes, this water heater can be used with standard monobloc mixer taps.
can this unit be operated off a header tank with a 20L volume and a 2.4m head of water
This unit can only be used from mains water presure. 
Is this the cheapest and/or most suitable heater for a washbasin and kitchen sink (situated directly behind each other on either side of the same wall). Another similar question mentions the expansion kit and draw off point, not sure what a draw off poin
This unit will give 10 litres of hot water so may struggle to provide water to both a wash basin and a kitchen sink. The 15L version would be a better option. So long as there is over 2.8 metres worth of unobstructed pipework from the cold water feed to the unit (ie. no stop cock, water metre or valves) then an expansion kit will not be necessary.
My father had one of these fitted recently. He turns on his tap and has to let the water run for a minute or so to get the system to "kick in" ie. the red light illuminates but there is no hot water at this point, just luke warm. He then turns the tap o
The water heater should provide instant hot water. If one full tank of hot water is run off, the unit will have to re-heat the cold water which will refill the tank. However, if the unit is not heating the water, we would recommend to press the re-set button. This is found under the grey access plate on the top. Also check the thermostat is set high enough.
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