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Swan 8 Litres Thermoplastic Catering Urn

£52.58 inc VAT
£43.82 exc VAT

Swan 8 Litres Thermoplastic Catering Urn

652 reviews
£52.58 inc VAT
£43.82 exc VAT

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Product information

Brand: Swan
Height: 40 cm
Width: 50 cm
Depth: 40 cm
  • This Swan plastic catering urn is the ideal hot water provider for cafes, offices and restaurants
  • With a higher capacity than domestic kettles, this catering urn will keep water hot enough to serve customers and guests constantly
  • Once the temperature drops, the urn will quickly reboil, to maintain a good, hot temperature
  • The heating element is concealed, which protects and preserves the urn despite heavy usage.
  • The urn operates at 1800 watts and will not drip, protecting the health of your employees. 


Rating 4.3 out of 5 based on 652 reviews.
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Jenny, Leicestershire
I have purchased this item for my church. This is the second one. We find them very good and give us the hot water we require. Recommended. Thanks.
16 Jul 2016
Dave, Anglesey
Good product. Boils large volume of water really fast.
8 Jul 2015
Pamela, Gloucestershire
Excellent - Thankyou
1 Aug 2013
Philippa, South Yorkshire
Arrived the following day, even though I had probably just missed the deadline for ordering. Very happy with the product.
8 Apr 2013
Mike Watts, Leicester
Swan Urn is doing exactly what we wanted it to do, very pleased with prompt delivery and service from hsd
30 Jul 2012
S Singh, Oxfordshire
It was perfect for what I needed it for and saved me time in having to make many cups of tea. Also, because of it's clean white look it blended in well with all the other kitchen appliances and did not seem out of place.It is very easy to set up, use and clean.
4 Apr 2012
Helen, Yorkshire
Excellent for what i wanted it for
28 May 2013
Sara, Cheshire
great, neat, light weight product. only problem with it is the poor insulation, such a waste of energy
4 Dec 2014
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Frequently asked questions

Does this urn get hot on the outside, looking for something to keep water warm but also transportable. Thanks
All urns do get hot when holding boiling water. However this is not as hot as a metal urn so you have time to react if you accidentally touch the side of the urn, without receiving a burn. This is not transportable and should be placed on a level and stable surface.
Does this urn have an automatic cut out and reset button against boiling dry
There is a  re-set button and this is the cut out switch.
does this urn have different water temperature control?

Yes the unit comes with a thermostat. 

I want a good urn that does not make any noise when regulating the heat once it has boiled
Once boiled the unit will simmer, this is silent. 
Is the cutover from boiling to simmer automatic i.e. can it be left on a boil setting and then switch itself over to simmer once it has boiled? In addition how much steam escapes during this process i.e if left for a hour in a small room would it fill the
Yes there is an automatic switch to simmer mode. In regards to the steam issue it would be similar to a kettle boiling every time the unit needed to reheat. 
Hi I really like the look of this product but am concerned about how much it will cost to keep hot all day?
This catering urn is 1.8Kw so would use approximately 18p per hour if in constant use (based on your energy provider charging 10p per KwH).
what kind of delivery time can I expect once this product is back in stock? We move between two addresses 0 one in East London and one in Cambridgeshire - and I will need to know which address to deliver to.
If an order for this item is placed before 12 o'clock midday the item will be delivered the next working day. If the item is ordered after 12 o'clock midday the item will be delivered on the second working day.
Can you supply replacement tap for the Swan 8 litre thermoplastic water heater? If so what is the cost?
If you could please contact our Customer Services team on 08000 913171 who will assist you with this matter.
does this plug in like a normal kettle? thanks - please respond asap i want to buy today please
Catering urns do plug in with a 3 pin plug.
I am a tea drinker not a coffee drinker and thus need to keep the water close to boiling. what is the temperature variance in simmerstat mode? The urn is for an office of circa 12 people. Is there another urn that would be more suitable?
This catering urn is more than suitable for an office of 12 people. Once boiled the water will drop to around 85 degrees before re-boiling. All catering urns work in the same manner. If you would like to speak further please contact our Sales Team on 0800 091 3171.
Assuming there is plenty water in the system, is it ok to use this urn with a timer on the plug? We would like to switch it off overnight without depending on someone having to remember to do it. Thank you
This unit can be used with a plug timer if you ensure the unit is filled with water. 
Thermostat: I would like to use these for serving Mulled Cider at small events. I need to set and maintain the serving temp at around 70-72 degrees. Is that possible with this piece of equipment? I am looking for a small option (5 - 8 litres) and a large
Catering urns are only designed to heat water however thermostat models, like this one, have been known for heating mulled wine and cider. 
Please note that warranties are effected if heating anything other than water. 
Does it have a safety screw lid?
The lid clips and locks into place.
Our urn is for a small museum shop. It's used a lot. Would thermoplastic finish be as sturdy and satisfactory as stainless steel. We like to look of it. Thanks. Sandra Gray
The thermoplastic finish is as sturdy as the stainless steel catering urn.
what height is the tap from the base of the unit? I would like to know if a mug will sit comfortably under the tap when filling it.
The distance from the base to the tap is approximately 10.5cm.
how long do`s it take to boil initialy
Depending on the cold water temperature, it will take between 20 and 40 minutes to boil from full initially.
How many cups/mugs does the urn hold?
Approximately 32 (250ml) cups.
Would it be possible to use this urn for filling a tea pot if placed at the edge of a table? Thank you
Yes, but we would advise you to make sure the whole of the base is on a flat surface, and not hanging over the edge.
Can the urn be kept on safely for a 24 hour period used on and off? Thanks
Although this urn does feature a boil dry function switch, we would not recommend to leave unattended during use.
Is it a thermostat or simmerstat
This has an adjustable thermostat.
Hi, I am looking for a catering urn/flask that will keep hot water for a period of time and can be used without a plug - looking for an urn that simply holds large amounts of water for outside/non electrical distances. HELP!
Unfortunately, we don\'t do anything like this as to keep large amounts of water hot requires either gas or electricity 
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