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Bed Bug Killer Treatment Kit (Upto 10 Bedrooms)

£103.99 inc VAT
£86.66 exc VAT

Bed Bug Killer Treatment Kit (Upto 10 Bedrooms)

Product Code: 150103

7 reviews
£103.99 inc VAT
£86.66 exc VAT

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Product information

Brand - Agropharm

Jumbo and Commercial Bed Bug Killer Kit

We offer only HSE approved and licensed Bed Bug Killer Kits for safe and effective use in the home.

After years of scientific research, we have combined the most effective Bed bug killing sprays and other products to offer complete kits to kill bed bugs in the home - at a fraction of the price of Professional Pest Controllers without sacrificing on potency and effectiveness.

This kit come complete with all you need to eliminate a Bed Bug infestation from a small bedroom.

Simple to use, safe to use and proven to work!

This kit contains:

2 x 5 litres of Protector C Bed Bug Spray.

Protector C spray is a HSE approved Bed Bug Killing spray for safe application in the home.

Spray carpets, sofas, mattresses, inside drawers and cupboards and the Bed Bug Killer spray will soak in providing protection for up to 6 weeks. No staining and no smell means you can use on all furnishings with no concerns.

Safe for children and Pets alike. 

Once the spray is dry, children and pets can re-enter a treated room. 

10 x Large Midi Fortefog Bed Bug Killer Fumers.

Simple to use:

Simply light in the effected room, and leave the room for 3 hours.

Leave all belongings in the room during fumigation.

The smoke bomb will release a insecticide to access all areas where Bed Bugs will hide, including in clothing, cupboards, curtains and in cracks and crevices. The bed bugs will be killed on contact with the smoke.

Safe to use:

Children and Pets are free to enter the room once the room has been ventilated after the 3 hour period.

Where to use:

Use in any room effected by Bed Bugs, including bedrooms and lounges. 

2 x 400g Residex P Bed Bug Powder

A Bed Bug Killing Powder to be applied to where liquids cannot; including near plug sockets and where wiring is present.

Can also be applied to skirting areas to seal a room from further infestation.

4 x Protector Bed Bug Killing Aerosol

A instant kill Bed Bug aerosol to spray on visible Bed bugs in the room.

Can also be applied to windowsills and other areas as a protective layer as it will stay active once dry for 6 weeks.


A complete, proven to work and licensed eradication kit to kill Bed Bugs across a whole property. 


If you have any questions or need advise then please call our friendly sales team on 0800 091 31 71.


Rating 5 out of 5 based on 7 reviews.
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Peter Harris
Very good products I bought. Done the trick . Will use again
23 May 2017
Excellent service
29 Jul 2008
20 Jul 2007
14 May 2007
11 May 2007
24 Apr 2007
fantastic value for money arrived next day and it realy works.caroline.
19 Apr 2007

Documents & Instructions

Frequently asked questions

is one kit contain for the initial application only or is there enough for the repeat applications as instructed to do so. If not is it better value to buy a kit which is larger e.g for 6 bedrooms, which can be used for two applications in a 3 bedroom tre
The kits contain one application. You have to work out the dimensions of your rooms in metres, and depending on the pest you are killing, depends on the amount of fumers required per room. Enough products should be purchased to re-treat the application every 7 - 10 days until the infestation is gone. Please call our Sales Team on 0800 0913171 and we will advise you on the best value kit to purchase.
I am 26 weeks pregnant and have 2 young toddlers 17 months old. Are these products safe for toddlers and/or newborn babies.
These products are not harmful to humans. However, you will have to vacate the rooms being treated with the fumers for up to three hours. You can safely return once the smoke has disappeared. The Protector C spray dries within 15 minutes so you can use the areas you have sprayed once dried.
Can the fumers be used in the kitchen. also after application will we have to clean the cupboards and/or the utensils or the dishes. i understand that we will have to air tight or cover any food items.
When fuming in a kitchen area, all we ask is that you please wipe surfaces that may come in contact with food products. Please wipe plates, cups and cutlery prior to use. If you would like anymore information please do not hesitate to contact us.
does the 5 litres of Protector C Bed Bug Spray come with spray bottles or is that something you get separately?
The 5L Protector C spray will come with a trigger nozzle but not a separate bottle. The solution can be easily transferred into any trigger spray bottle. Please follow the link below for details of our range of trigger spray bottles:
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