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Eradibait | Non Poisonous Rat & Mouse Killer | 3kg Bucket with Handle

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Eradibait | Non Poisonous Rat & Mouse Killer | 3kg Bucket with Handle

1 reviews
This product is discontinued

Product information

EradBait, unlike conventional rodenticides contains no poisonous chemicals and is made from alpha-cellulose, a naturally occurring substance and is combined with wheat and a sweet molasses attractant.
EradiBait is effective even among rodent populations that are completely resistant to conventional rodenticides.

EradiBait's unique formulation ensures:

- no risk to children or pets
- no risk to livestock or birds
- no risk of either primary or secondary poisoning
- bird of prey friendly
- no special requirement for transport, handling, storage or disposal
- no risk of contamination to crops or food
- no environmental pollution
- fully biodegradable

EradiBait is ideal for use in:

- Homes & gardens, industrial & retail premises
- Food preparation & storage areas
- Hospitals & schools
- Parks & other public areas
- Livestock yards, pig & poultry farms
- Conventional & organic farming
- Equestrian centers, kennels, catteries

Why does EradiBait work?
The specific mode of action of EradiBait and its inherent safety to non-rodents is based on a range of factors unique to rodents. Rodents have a unique digestive system in which the caecum (sack between large and small intestine) plays an active role. Rodents cannot vomit or regurgitate and are opportunistic feeders and can consume up to 10% of their body weight.

How does EradiBait work?
EradiBait is consumed as a food source as part of a rodent's natural eating habit. After ingestion EradiBait coats the lining of a part of the rodent's lower gut. This coating of the fine hairs called villi disrupts the message system to the brain, causing it to stop drinking. Dehydration commences causing kidney dysfunction, coma and eventually death.


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Debra, Oxfordshire
first time using this product, taken readily for two days then visitors seem to have stopped, so presume it works (ongoing problem with rat burrows into garden from nest under next door's decking)
14 Mar 2011

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