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Ultra Slim Panel Convector Heater with 24 Hour Timer and Thermostat, 1KW

£46.38 inc VAT
£38.65 exc VAT

Ultra Slim Panel Convector Heater with 24 Hour Timer and Thermostat, 1KW

Versatile Installation as can be wall mounted or left free standing

453 reviews
£46.38 inc VAT
£38.65 exc VAT

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  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Product Code: 151920
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Product information

Power: 1 kW
Area coverage: 10 m²
Brand: Prem-I-Air
Height: 28.5 cm
Width: 66.5 cm
Depth: 8 cm
Weight: 2.6 kg
Remote Control: No
ERP Compliant: No
  • This slimline panel heater is a versatile heating solution for a wide variety of locations.
  • Suitable for installation into bedrooms, offices or conservatories, the heater can either be left free standing on the feet supplied or permanently wall mounted as a fixed heating option. All fixings are provided for whichever way you wish to utilise the heater.
  • Also fitted with an adjustable thermostat that allows you to set a temperature that the unit will keep the room at.
  • Should the temperature drop, the thermostat senses this and will activate the heater to ensure your room is back at your desired temperature quickly.
  • Utilising a thermostat is a fantastic energy saving feature compared to constantly turning a heater on and off that then requires the unit to use a lot of energy getting up to your chosen temperature.
  • The 24 hour timer allows you to program the heater throughout the day based around your lifestyle.
  • For example, a user may set the heater to turn on at 8am as you awake for work, and turn off at 9am for when you leave the property. You may then set the heater to activate at 5pm to preheat a room before you return from work.
  • If you install heaters throughout the property, you can easily set them individual to each room according to your usual schedule, preheating your bedroom before you go to sleep, through to warming the kitchen up before you wake up and make breakfast.
  • The heat itself is generated using an aluminium heating element that quickly heats up and diffuses the heat across the room through the top grilles using convected heat. This advanced element is quick to heat up and slow to cool down as it will constantly release residual heat without any energy costs to yourself.
  • Manufactured in a Ice White colour for a clean, modern addition to your property


Rating 4.5 out of 5 based on 453 reviews.
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Excellent product does just what I wanted to do and the timer is easy to set
18 Dec 2018
used this for or out house works great
18 Dec 2018
Good product, slim easy to install
27 Nov 2018
madalin faur
Great product, very easy to install and use, extremelly eficient and good looking.
13 Nov 2018
Regal Roman
Great little product does the job extreemly well.
30 Oct 2018
William Rogers
very good heaters, slimmest I could find
27 Feb 2018
William Rogers
very effective, a big plus is that it does not protrude from the wall much when fitted.
20 Feb 2018
good quality heater easy to fit on the wall looks smart and I would recommend this heater as very good value for money
3 Dec 2016
As described and works efficiently
1 Nov 2016
Mr Stephen Parker
Very good product and service
26 Oct 2016
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322 Amazon customers reviewed this product

Frequently asked questions

does this heater come with wall brackets?
The unit has brackets attached.
hi can this heater be set to a very low temperature
You can set this to a low temperature.
does this work with an ordinary 3 pin plug?
Yes it Does
does it have a three way switch eg on/off/timer to over ride the timer?
That is correct, it does have this function.
This heater has a 3 pin plug, can it be wired straight into an electric panel socket with switch?
Yes it can
This heater has a 3 pin plug, can it be wired straight into an electric panel socket with switch?
Yes it can
can this heater be mounted vertically
We do recommend that these units be mounted vertically as that is not how they are intended to be used.
we have a built in wardrobe and I want to put this inside the wardrobe to take the chill from clothes, is this safe to do with this heater?
Unfortunately not, you need to be purchasing a Tubular heater:
Can they be mounted verically?
The heater must be mounted against the wall, the right way up (as shown in the diagram).
How long is the power lead? Can this heater be wall mounted upside down with the power lead on the left hand side?
Power lead is 1 metre with one way mounting.
Hi, can this unit be used in a bathroom? and can the unit be partially covered if mounted below a towel rail?
This unit can not be used in a bathroom as it is not IP rated and the unit must have clearence therefore can not be covered in any way.
is the 151920 model ok to use over an extended period, ie to keep on for a long time ie over night/all day? I need a heater that can be on/heating the room all day, not just as a top up heat.

These units have a thermostat to control the temperature of the unit therefore when the room hits the required temperature the unit will automatically shut off.

You must however ensure that the unit you purchase will be adequate to heat your size room so a small calculation must be done. Measure your room in feet and check that this unit is big enough to heat your room.

Width x  Length x Height = wattage required to heat your room.

please tell me what the ultra slim panel radiator is made of? Thank you.
This unit is made of Steel
how big a room will this rad heat
The calculation needs to be worked out the other way round.

Measure your room in feet and times them by each other.

E.g 10ft x 12ft x 13ft = 1560 watts therefore a 2kw heater would be required.
please advise the length of the wire.
The length of the wire is about 1.5 meters. 
What is the clearance needed above the heater please, and what is it's weight?
The Manufacturer advises the following instructions. Place the heater on a firm flat surface. Ensure that the air inlets (at the bottom) and the air outlets (at the top) are not obstructed. Ensure that curtains are at least 900mm (3') from the top of the heater. Leave a gap of at least 50mm (2") at the sides of the heater. The weight of the unit is 2.65KG.
Hi, are these heaters compatible for an 8 berth 3 bed static caravan if not could you suggest the correct heater which would not blow the rest of the electric and would be cheap to run.
I am afraid we can not advise on this as you would have to advise what is your electricity input into your caravan, you would also have to take into concideration what other electrical items you have to run from this supply and the dimentions of the rooms to ensure the right size heater is purchased. 
Is this product suitable to go beneath an office desk
This unit would not be suitable to go beneath a desk. 
Can this unit be used in downstairs cloakroom. Also if you are looking at the front of the unit does the cable exit the unit on the left or right hand side? Thanks.
If the cloakroom has any source of water then this heater is not suitable. You will need a heater with an IP rating which is a protection rating against such things as water splashes. 

The cable is on the right hand side as you look at the front of the heater.
How much space should be left in front of these radiators?
There should be a 60cm clearence from the front of the unit.
How do we set the timer in the homefront heating essential Unit
You press the little red plastic pins down for the required time, on the timer. Where they are pressed in is where the heater will operate.
Please could you confirm how to use the frost setting feature Thanks
If you fully rotate the temperature controller anti-clockwise, this will operate as a 'frost-stat', switching the heater on if the temperature drops below 4 degrees C.
What are the dimensions of this heater please, and do you do a 400w model?
The wall mounted dimensions are W675mm x H285mm x D50mm and the floor standing dimensions are W675mm x W330mm x D150mm.

how do you set the time of day on the timmer?
Beneath the sliding bar, on the front of the timer, there is an arrow. Simply turn the outer dial so that the correct time is in line with the arrow.
The unit was described as being silent yet the timer is quite loud. Is there any way of reducing this noise?
The timer noise cannot be reduced.
How much do they cost to run an hour
The cost would be approximately 10p per hour (based on your energy provider charging 10p per KwH).
Will this heater be o.k for a 4x3 metre conservatory
We would recommend a 1.5kw for this standard room size
Is the heater white?
The heater is white.
Is the 50mm o/a depth, from the front of the heater to the face of the wall? How far does the timer dial extend beyond the face of the heater? The reason for asking is that it will be placed on a wall where a door will open back towards and parallel with
The depth is the measurement of the heater. An additional 4cm should be accounted for the brackets, and 1cm for the timer.
Can you please tell me more in details how does the timer work ?
The timer has little pins that are pushed down at the times you want the heater to come on. The pins are very visible, being red, on a white dial. The heater will switch off at the intervals where the pins are not pushed down.
What is the temperature range on the thermostat? Is it suitable to set it so that it can keep a room frost free. i.e. how accurate is the temperature control - plus or minus how many degrees?
The temperature range is approximately between 4 degrees Celsius and 32 degrees Celsius, plus or minus one degree Celsius.
Can these be used in an insulated summerhouse and left on to keep frost free over winter months?
Yes, this heater can be used for this purpose. Fully rotating the temperature controller anti-clockwise, will operate the \'frost-stat\', switching the heater on if the temperature drops below 4 degrees C.
I have a converted garage into a well insulated garden flat. Overall size is 6m X 6m square x 2.4m high. What is the best heater size to use or even 2 heaters to use please?
For this room size, we would recommend 2 x 2Kw heaters.
Can this be fitted to a wooden wall?
Yes this can be fitted to a wooden wall.
What is the depth of the heater when mounted on the wall and do you do free returns if heater is faulty?
The mounted depth is 8cm. If the heater becomes faulty in the first six months of purchase, we will arrange to collect and replace it. However, if the heater becomes faulty after the first six month, the return will be your responsiblily and we will replace once we receive it back.
Do these heaters come in a 2 KW rating and Are the brackets permanently attached to the heater or can they be removed when using it as a freestanding heater?
Yes, this heater comes in a 2Kw option. Please see product code 151986 for further details. The bracket is permanently attached to the heater. 
Please confirm wall mounted depth.The depth that you stated in one of your answers is 50 mm wall mounted, but the product dimension is 8 cm, ???
The wall mounted dimensions are W675mm x H285mm x D50mm and the floor standing dimensions are W675mm x W330mm x D150mm.
With the frost stat on can other programs be set as well?
Only 1program can be set at once the frost setting or temperature you require.
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