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Ultra Slim Panel Convector Heater with 24 Hour Timer and Thermostat 1.5KW

£58.00 inc VAT
£48.33 exc VAT

Ultra Slim Panel Convector Heater with 24 Hour Timer and Thermostat 1.5KW

Product Code: 151974

95 reviews
£58.00 inc VAT
£48.33 exc VAT

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  • One of our most popular electric panel heaters
  • Adjustable thermostat and a 24 hour timer
  • Stylish slimline design - can be used wall mounted or free standing
  • Heats up and reaches your desired temperature quickly through convection
  • Supplied with a fitted plug, feet and wall mounting brackets
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  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
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Product information

Brand - Prem-I-Air
Height - 28.5 cm
Width - 95 cm
Depth - 8 cm
Weight - 6 kg
  • One of our most popular electric panel heaters, this unit is the perfect heating option for homes without gas central heating or for where electric heating is preferred.
  • Fitted with an adjustable thermostat that allows a user to set an ideal temperature within each room a heater is fitted in. The thermostat will then work efficiently to ensure this chosen temperature is maintained as accurately as possible, ensuring your home remains efficient and at a comfortable heat level.
  • Also fitted with a 24 hour timer that allows users to program the heater around their own specific lifestyle, and even based around their own behaviour in each room.
  • For example, a unit installed in a bedroom, you may set to come on for an hour at 8am and then switch off at 9am, and to turn on at 21:30 and turn off at 22:30 based around when you get up and when you go to sleep. You can follow this example in lounges for when you have evenings together or in hallways as you come home from work or a day out.
  • This ability ensures that users do not have to enter a cold room that hasn't been preheated as well as saving energy compared to having the heater permanently heating empty spaces in your property when you may be spending your time in other rooms or not in the property at all.
  • The slimline design ensures the heater can be comfortably situated in lounges, offices, conservatories and will match any types of decor.
  • Flexible installation as the heater can be left free standing with the feet supplied or permanently wall mounted using the fixings provided.
  • Heat is generated using convection heat using a efficient, aluminium heating element that quickly transfers heat across the room through the top grilles on the unit, ensuring your room reaches temperature as quickly, and using as little energy, as possible.
  • Supplied with a fitted plug for easy installation.
  • Manufactured in a Ice White colour for a clean, modern addition to your property


Rating 4.8 out of 5 based on 95 reviews.
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Anthony Nugent
Beautifully slim but generates plenty of heat . Bought one initially... so impressed bought another one for conservatory. Delivery excellent. Fully recommend .
18 Dec 2017
Blb Coventry
I have three of these heaters. They work quickly and efficiently and so far have proved reliable. My only gripe is that the pointer on the timer is at the bottom of the timer dial and therefore makes it difficult to set the time - it would be better if it was at the top.
29 Nov 2016
As described and works efficiently
1 Nov 2016
Fraser, Perth And Kinross
Used to replace storage heaters easy to fix to wall and look really good.
6 Aug 2016
Keeley, Kent
Perfecdt little heater that throws out lots of heat
2 May 2016
S, Derbyshire
Excellent makes a real difference
21 Feb 2016
Glenn, Warwickshire
After buying one of these heaters to replace an old Storage Heater I was instantly impressed with it out performing the Storage Heater completely.Good to look at,nice and slim,with 24hr.timer control. Add to that the great price and courtesy of the company, = A1 As a result I've purchased 2 more.
16 Feb 2016
Martin, Derbyshire
Excellent website, good product & comprehensive instructions - easy to fit and use and looks good. Exactly what I wanted at a good price, and fast delivery. So pleased I have ordered some more!
15 Feb 2016
Bert, Essex
Brilliant This is my fourth heater and they all work excellent i even talked my son into buying two as well highly rated heater and excellent service and delivery
7 Feb 2016
Richard, Cumbria
This is an excellent slim heater which can be free standing or fixes easily to the wall. In fact this heater has been so reliable I have bought 15 of them - all from HSD and paased the details to friends who wanted to know where to get one.
23 Nov 2015

Frequently asked questions

Is this suitable for use in a bathroom?
No, this is not IP rated and therefore not suitable for the bathroom. 
Slimline wall mounted heater 151974,does it have any vents or is it a sealed unit photo on website only shows front
Yes there are vents on the top of the unit. 
what area is this heater capable of heating
To work out what heater is required for your room size a small calculation is required. Measure your room in feet W X L X H = the wattage required. For example;  12 ft x 14 ft x 11 ft = 1848 watts. Therefore this size room would needs a 2000 watt unit.
Is it possible to wall mount this heater in the vertical (portrait) orientation?
No, it is not designed to be hung this way.
is the thermostat display centigrade or 1-10 sort of thing. Cant tell from the picture
The thermostat display reads minimum to maximum and does not include any reference to centigrade.
is it a 3 pin plug connection
Yeah this item comes with a standard 3 pin connection.
What side is the lead on and how long is it? Looking at the photo, it appears to be on the left side of the heater.
The lead on this item is on the right hand side as you look at the unit, and is approximately 1 metre long.
are the 1500 watt heaters fitted with black cables (someone commented on reviews that they are)
The cables on these units are black.
Can the cable on the 151974 be shortened without invalidating warranty and be wired directly into fused spur?
We would not advise you to shorten the cable on the unit, as it may invalidate the warranty.
Do products151974/151920 cometh the wall mounting brackets included and also do they plug straight into a normal socket thanks
These units are fitted with a three pin plug and brackets are provided.
Is there a minimum distance to other furniture etc. Can unit be used with an extension lead.
We recommend 6"(15cm) clearance above, 8"(20cm) at the thermostat side of the heater, 6"(15cm) at the opposite side to the thermostat and 2"(5cm) below � the heater.

An extension lead can be used with this heater. However, if you wanted to extend the actual lead on the heater, this would only be recommended by using a qualified electrician who would have to open the heater up and completely re-wire the unit.
Is the mains lead on the left side as you look at unit on floor and therefore if mains socket is to the right can you use an extention lead to reach plug
The cable is on the right hand side of the heater as you are looking at it. 

You can use an extension lead if required. However, we would not recommend extending the actual lead on the heater. The unit would have to be opened up and completely re-wired by a qualified electrician.
What does this radiator weigh and what fixings are used?
The radiator weighs 3.7 kilos and the fixings are used to fix the radiator in place if you choose to wall mount the radiator.
WHAT ARE THE RUNNING COSTS if using for 8 hours a day
The running costs would be £1.20 for 8 hours (based on your energy provider charging 10p per KwH).
Measurement of heater please
The dimensions are: (wall mounted 950x285x80mm) and (floor standing) 950x320x150mm.

Hi could I use this in a small kitchen as no heating and extremely cold in the mornings
This heater would be ideal for your kitchen. 
I am looking for cheap to run and low voltage heaters for a caravan
This heater would cost 15p per hour to run, based on your energy provider charging 10p per KwH. The voltage is 230V. 
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