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Fortefog Bed Bug Killer Large Midi Fumer 11g

£9.98 inc VAT
£8.32 exc VAT

Fortefog Bed Bug Killer Large Midi Fumer 11g

89 reviews
£9.98 inc VAT
£8.32 exc VAT

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Product information

Brand: Agropharm

Large Bed Bug Killer Fumer - HSE Tested Fast Killing Fumer

We are delighted to offer a HSE approved and registered Bed Bug Killer and Treatment smoke bomb.

Simple to use:

Simply light in the effected room, and leave the room for 3 hours.

Leave all belongings in the room during fumigation.

The smoke bomb will release a insecticide to access all areas where Bed Bugs will hide, including in clothing, cupboards, curtains and in cracks and crevices. The bed bugs will be killed on contact with the smoke.

Safe to use:

Children and Pets are free to enter the room once the room has been ventilated after the 3 hour period.

Where to use:

Use in any room effected by Bed Bugs, including bedrooms and lounges. 

The 11g fumer will treat a double bedroom or lounge area, larger rooms may need a twin pack of the 11g fumers.

We recommend using with Protector C Bed Bug Spray and Residex P Bed Bug Powder for a complete treatment of any room.


Rating 4.6 out of 5 based on 89 reviews.
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Mr Robert Howard
Did the job without problems
13 Nov 2018
Mr Robert Howard
A great product at a competitive price
29 Aug 2018
Arfan Arshad
I would strongly recommend this product.
11 Jan 2018
Helen, Caerdydd
Done the trick.....hopefully!!
19 Jan 2015
Alan, Derbyshire
Brilliant stuff still killing flies & spiders weeks after using it.
5 Aug 2014
Irene, Lancashire
excellent worked brilliantly
9 May 2014
Carol, Sir Fynwy
As above.
2 Apr 2014
Tim Hodgson, Buckinghamshire
Great product, managed to get rid of the fly problem we had in the house.
21 Mar 2014
Tim, Bucks
Great product, had massive fly problem and this seems to have cured it!
12 Feb 2014
Audrey, North Yorkshire
This midi fumer was so good it killed the silverfish in one go but I did use another one 6days later just to make sure there was no more happy to say I have not seen any more.
14 Nov 2013

Frequently asked questions

would the midi fumer be suitable for using in a loft space?
Yes, but you must follow the instructions to the letter and make sure the fumer is on a non-flammable surface.
Whic of your products would you recommend for a wasp nest somewhere up the chimney of my 2 storey house. I am getting 6 - 10 wasps in my room each day and can see them flying in/out the top
This fumer would not clear a chimney as it needs to be in an area that you can seal off. The smoke from the fumer would escape from the chimney.
Can I use the fumer in a room which contains curtains and soft furnishings?
Yes, you can use in a room containing curtains and soft furnishings. It will not leave any residue, so will be safe to use.
Will this work for whitefly and does it affect plants in the greenhouse ?
This product is not meant to be used in a greenhouse to treat whitefly. We would recommend the Pyrethrum 5EC to be used on the plants. Please see product code 226194.
Is this suitable to kill bed bugs
This item is suitable to kill beg bugs as long as the correct quantities are used. We would also to follow this treatment up with our Protector C residual spray.
Is it ok to use in a grow tent an will it effect my chillies?
The Fortefog Fumers are not suitable to use in your grow house. They will be harmful to your plants. However, we would recommend the Pyrethrum 5EC for use on your chillies. The product code is 226194.
Hello, please can you let me know if this is safe to use in a loft where there is a hot water tank. The hot water tank has a board on top of it but there are gaps at the side where the smoke could enter. Thank you.
We would not recommend you to use this product around open sources of water.
Will this product kill a silverfish infestation in a cellar ? That has been wet
This product can be used to eradicate Silverfish in your cellar. We also recommend the Residex P Dusting Powder as this is easy to sprinkle into cracks and crevises where the Silverfish like to hide. Please see product code 205932.
Will the fortefog fumer make all my clothing bedding towels etc in my wardrobes in my bedroom smell of smoke?
There will be an initial smell of smoke but if you open the windows to ventilate, the smell will quickly disappear.
Will this product kill bed bugs hidden in mattresses and is it safe.
We would advise you to expose the mattress to the smoke generated from the Fortefog Fumers, then follow this up by spraying the bed all over with our Protector C spray. Repeat at 7 - 10 day intervals until the infestation has gone.
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