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Poultry Red Mite Spray 5 Litres

Chicken Mite spray for the coop and chicken house

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2 reviews
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Product information

Brand - Agropharm

Chicken Mite spray for the coop

How do we know if your birds have a red mite problem?

Look out for:

1) Unusually aggressive behaviour from the flock which will be typified as they peck each other particularly at the base of the birds tail feathers as they attempt to help each other get rid of the mite issue. If left alone, bald patches and blood may appear on the poultry. 

2) Egg production will falter and halt completely as the mites literally suck the life out of your flock, leaving no energy for the production of eggs.

Remember: Red Mites can lead to the death of birds.

How do I get rid of Red Mites?

Follow our simple three step program developed in conjunction with Pest Control manufacturer Agropharm, including

- Red Mite powder for application onto bird and house alike.

Fumigation of the chicken house

Where to apply the spray:

Red mite spray is to be applied to the coop and any equipment within the coop. Once dry, the spray creates a seal and any mite that lands on a sprayed surface ingests the spray and is dehydrated, quickly leading to death. It will lay active for 4 to 6 weeks temperature dependant.

How does Red Mite Spray work?

Similarly to the powder, the spray will kill the mites and protect from re infestation. The spray contains 0.2% Permethrin and is proven and licensed by the HSE to kill red mites.

Additional information and advice on red mite treatment:

Mites usually attack resting birds, mainly during the night for a short (1-2 hours) blood meal.  The mites then hide in cracks and crevices away from daylight within the coop. Here they mate and lay their eggs. This is why applying the powder and spray to these cracks and crevices is so pivotal. 

Any treatment must be carried out again after 7-10 days and again after another 7-10 days in severe infestations.

Mites will lay eggs immediately after a blood meal and these eggs will be laid throughout the coop including non visible locations throughout the house. These will then hatch after 7 days and this explains why a complete treatment including fumigation is necessary (we cannot get to every single crack and crevice with spray or powder as some are microscopioc and only the smoke from the fumigation can access these areas ) and we must kill the new generation of mites before they themselves can lay eggs.

Failure to use all three methods risks the infestation surviving as mites may survive sheltering on the birds or in the coop itself if no fumigation is carried out.


Rating 5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.
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Chris Moore, Lincolnshire
Very good. When you need it you need to know that it works. We purchased a second hand coop that unfortunately had a very bad infestation, I still have not been able to use it. Your spray did it's thing and they have now all gone.
24 May 2014
Richard Smith, Essex
works well and easy to use
2 Aug 2012

Frequently asked questions

Hello is there just diluted permethrin in this product, or has it any other chemicals?
This item is just diluted permethrin.
Can this product be used on the poultry themselves? And if Not What would you recommend for the poultry themselves?
The spray can be used on surfaces but not poultry. You can use our quickode 164084 red poultry keeper which is a dust. 

It is a natural amorphous dust, non toxic mite control powder that can be applied directly onto all types of birds and poultry.
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