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Poultry and Red Mite Killing Powder | 2KG

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Product information

Brand - Agropharm

How do you know if your chickens have Red Mite problems? You will notice two things; firstly your egg production will start to go down as the chickens need to replace the lost blood taken by the Red Mites (which means less energy to produce eggs) and secondly, the chickens will start to peck each other where they see the infestation usually just at the base of the birds tail feathers. At this point the problem is likely to be causing stress and is getting serious. Keep a close eye out for any pecking behaviour and also any bald, bloody patches appearing on your birds. 

Red Mite is a blood-feeding ecto-parasite ('ecto' means it attacks or feeds on the outside of the bird as opposed to worms (endo-parasite) that feed on the inside. 

It usually attacks resting birds, mainly during the night for a short (1-2 hours) blood meal. After feeding, the mites hide in cracks and crevices away from daylight. Here they mate and lay their eggs.

Red mites are very small just visible without magnification and may appear like moving specs of dirt the eggs are microscopically small (400 x 270um) oval and pearly white. Red mites are not species specific and will 'attack' any species or breed of bird. They do not fly nor are they usually transmitted via clothing although if there is a bad infestation, mites have been known to 'jump' onto a person's clothing and therefore could be transported this way to another location/aviary etc. Remember they are only usually out of their harbourage towards dusk/dark and would be unusual for them to be active during daylight hours. They are extremely mobile considering their microscopic size and can travel great distances relative to their size! They can be transferred from bird to bird or from wild birds landing on your aviaries, especially if there is an open area of roof.

Adults are red when engorged with blood otherwise black, grey or white females about 1 mm long.

Life cycle (stages)

Female mites deposit eggs (after a blood meal) in crevices, under boards, at the ends of perches where they butt up to the back of the cage or in debris near roosts.


Seal as many joints and crevices of your cages, aviaries, nest boxes and feeders as possible with silicon sealer. Red mites are able to survive rigorous cleaning and disinfection programmes.

Product Applications:

Is a natural amorphous dust, non toxic mite control powder that can be applied directly onto all types of birds and poultry.

Containing Silica Dioxide, its killing action works by physical means on the surface of the pests, breaking down their waxyprotective coating, causing them to dehydrate and die.

Effective against red, northern, cyst and spider mites and other insects such as cockroaches, ants, silverfish and termites.

Work on 3 grams per bird - no withdrawal of eggs necessary.

For direct application to poultry.

Contains Amorphous Silcon Dioxide Powder


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P Patterson
Seems to be doing the job, happier chickens.
6 Dec 2013

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