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Prem-I-Air Remote Controlled 16" Oscillating Pedestal Fan with Timer

Product Code: 207058

19 reviews
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Product information

Brand - Prem-I-Air
Weight - 2.5 kg
  • A stylish and modern Pedestal Fan for domestic or commercial use
  • The Remote control allows a user to adjust the settings of the fan without having to move from the comfort of their seat
  • With 3 speed settings, a user can find the ideal level of air to suit their needs in the current temperature
  • Lightweight and easy to move around the property, the oscillating function also enables several users to be cooled across a wider area
  • Using very little energy (only 50 watts) and the timer function allows for a premises to set the fan around their needs.


Rating 4.8 out of 5 based on 19 reviews.
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Lesley, Herefordshire
Great product
10 Jun 2016
Shabber, London
Much better than expected at this bargain price. Silent fan, slight vibration of the cage but nothing major
2 Jun 2016
Tony, Dorset
Delivered damaged, customer service was first class
30 May 2016
Samantha, Steyning
Great product , good value for money
26 May 2016
Carolyn, West Sussex
Loved this product. Easy to assemble and works fantastically. Will buy again!
22 Jul 2015
Charles, Kent
fast delivery, great price
12 Aug 2014
Charles, Kent
fast delivery, great price
8 Aug 2014
Richard, Kent
We recently needed to replace a pair of old ‘Carlton’ pedestal fans, the base section of which had unexpectedly failed on both items due to poorly-welded parts assembled in China, although I think it only fair to point out that neither fan has ever been mishandled by us in any way. I discovered's website, but sadly a few months ago the fans that we had chosen were temporarily unavailable. However towards the end of May we received an email message confirming that the Prem-I-Air EH0529 16" remote-controlled pedestal fans (QuickCode: 207058) were back in stock, so I duly placed an online order for two of them and they were delivered quickly and securely by courier a few days later. When comparing the EH0529 pedestal fan with similarly priced but typically MANUAL-only operated products, what especially makes this model STAND OUT from the crowd is that in addition to everything else, the continuously oscillating ‘swing’ feature of the fan blade motion (gradually turning from left-to-right and back again) is ALSO remotely controlled as well. Such a luxurious function is simply the final ‘icing on the cake’ as far as I’m concerned and would generally be found on FAR more expensive models than this one. I think it’s fair to say that at this particular price-point, I believe the Prem-I-Air EH0529 16" remote-controlled pedestal fan represents truly exceptional value for money ! There is a convenient inbuilt lip ‘handle’ situated at the top of the fan motor housing and when fully assembled, the fan is fairly light to carry from room to room if required. I managed to assemble both of them fairly easily, but as often tends to be the case nowadays, the small instruction booklet accompanying the fan should perhaps have been printed in a larger font size for those of us with less than 50/50 vision ! Nevertheless, provided a modicum of common-sense is used, I don’t think it should prove too difficult for the average person to assemble this fan. Turning the fan ‘on’ or ‘off’ via the buttons on the small remote-control (powered by two 1.5v AAA batteries - not supplied) results in a discreet audible ‘beep’ simultaneously accompanied by an illuminated red LED (Light Emitting Diode), as does increasing the speed of the fan blade (low, medium or high) or setting either the ‘sleep’ or ‘timer’ functions. I find the ‘sleep’ facility (which automatically turns the fan off after a 30-minute period) to be very convenient especially on hot humid summer nights, but should you find the lowest continuous fan-speed slightly too breezy for your liking, rather than moving the fan further away from you each time, simply press the ‘mode’ button which provides you with a delightfully gentle ‘pulsing’ airflow sensation. Set it to ‘low’ for example (making certain to illuminate the red ‘nat’ (natural) LED) and you will experience a wonderfully gentle and soporific movement of air, which is the equivalent of slowly accelerating and then decelerating the fan-blade every five seconds or so. I recommend you try it out, because I find it to be a very relaxing experience. The ‘timer’ button is unsurprisingly designed to turn the fan OFF after a pre-determined period and can be set to do so incrementally in 30-min segments all the way up to a maximum of 7 ½ hours. Lastly, should you ever misplace the remote control, all the same functions are still available by manually pressing any of the four buttons on the front fascia-panel (situated just under the Front grille) (1) in the correct sequence. Imho the Prem-I-Air EH0529 represents FAN-TASTIC value for money (sorry for the ‘pun’) and I can unreservedly recommend it to any potential customer(s). A worthy 5-star product ***** !
17 Jul 2014
Derek, Worcestershire
Fan is a decent size and is nice and quiet on the lowest setting. I saw other comments saying how noisy this item was. Obviously the faster it goes the more noise it makes but it's not a noise that takes over the room. Remote control is a neat option. I purchased 2 of these and I'm very satisfied.
5 Aug 2013
Ed, Surrey
value for money and satisfactory quality reflected in price
5 Aug 2013

Documents & Instructions

Frequently asked questions

can you tell me the wattage of this fan
This unit is 50watts
can u tell me wot funtions the remote control does?
The remote control does on/off, speed, timer and swing (oscillation).
Hello. Does the fan have tilting head facility to have it at an angle if wanted?
The head of the fan is fixed, and cannot be adjusted to tilt.
As this fan would be used in a bedroom, I need to know if this fan is quiet.
This unit is 60 decibels loud.
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