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Prevent Auto Insect Killing Air Purge, 243ml

From £12.98 inc VAT
From £10.82 exc VAT

Prevent Auto Insect Killing Air Purge, 243ml

7 reviews
From £12.98 inc VAT
From £10.82 exc VAT

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Product information

PreVent Auto insecticide spray provides super fast-acting insect knockdown.

Each spray dispenses 1ml of PreVent Auto insecticide spray, creating an environment that quickly knocks-down and kills flying and crawling insects.

The formulation and low dose dispensing means that it is effective in controlling insects while being safe to humans and other mammals that may be present.

One PreVent Auto aerosol in a dispenser correctly sited will keep up to 170 cubic metres of space free of a wide range of insects.

Kills all types of flies, mosquitoes, gnats, cockroaches, ants, wasps, hornets, ticks, fleas, spiders and other household pests. 
Prevent Auto is made from pyrethrum, a natural insect-killing ingredient that comes from the chrysanthemum plant.  
Approved for use in food hygiene areas HSE8504 

Food Factories

Food Storage Areas

Catering Establishments

Food Production & Preparation Areas










Veterinary Premises 
1 x 250ml aerosol  
Can be used as hand held but recommended to be used with selected (250ml+ compatible) metred aerosol dispensers: 
Low toxicity to animals

3,000 metered sprays per refill   
Made in the United Kingdom


Rating 4.7 out of 5 based on 7 reviews.
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Rosamund Armbrister
Hopefully will kill the cluster flies!
12 Mar 2019
Steve Woods
Uses this keeps the cluster flies away!
1 Feb 2019
Alistair, Shropshire
Keeps my old loft clear of bugs.
7 Nov 2014
Richard, Essex
Excellent, exactly what was ordered. Have used this product for some time now and it's brilliant.
22 Jul 2014
F Dean, Avon
So far so good, PreVent Auto certainly seems to do the job it is supposed to.
4 Nov 2013
Robert, Devon
Prevent Auto good as a deterrent after the killing air purge the Air purge does not seem to be as efficient as the fogger smoke variety
4 Apr 2016
Graham, West Sussex
Unsure if this is identical to the SWAK by Technical Concepts
14 Jun 2014

Frequently asked questions

Can you advise how long approx a 243ml can wiil last if set to spray every 10 mins please?
The Aerosol will spray approximately 3,000 sprays per can.

If used 24 hours aday over 7 days the can will last the following :
Every 7.5 minutes the can will last 16 days.
Every 15 minutes the can will last 31 days. 
Every 30 minutes the can will last 63 days.
Every 10 minutes the can will last 20 days.

f sprayed every 30 minutes the can will last 63 days. Every 10 minutes the can is expected to last 20 days.
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