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The Ultimate Bedbug Control Kit, 2 Bedroom Treatment

£45.38 inc VAT
£37.82 exc VAT

The Ultimate Bedbug Control Kit, 2 Bedroom Treatment

HSE Approved and kills Bed Bugs & Stops Eggs Developing

Product Code: 225986

7 reviews
£45.38 inc VAT
£37.82 exc VAT

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Product information

Brand - Agropharm
Weight - 1.2 kg

We are proud to introduce the Ultimate kit for Bed Bug elimination and prevention. 

Using the most effective products available in the UK, including a scientifically advanced Insect Growth Regulator, this fantastic Ultimate Control Bed Bug Kit will eradicate a Bed Bug problem quickly and effectively.

The Ultimate Bed Bug Control Kit contains:

1 x 1 Litre Biopren Insect Growth Regulator 

1 x 1 Litre Protector C Residual Spray

1 x 400g Residex P Insect Killing Powder

2 x 11g Midi Fumer Smoke Bombs.

Biopren Insect Growth Regulator | 1 Litre

The most effective Bed Bug spray in the UK!

Due to its composition, BIOPREN® BFS not only flushes out and knocks down bed bugs, but also disrupts the life cycle of insects by preventing the development into adults. This is an Insect Growth Regulator! This inhibits growth of the bed bugs and cuts short their life cycle, ceasing the development of eggs.

BIOPREN® BFS works by contact action, so treat infested areas thoroughly, paying particular attention to the insects' hiding places and movement areas.Simply spray the areas affected

The product even controls those pests that have become resistant some insecticides, making it remarkably effective and the product to use if previous treatments have failed.

Protector C | 1 Litre

Safe, easy and ready to use at home, Protector C is a liquid spray which is effective against bed bugs ,fleas and a range of other insects. It kills on contact and leaves a residual effect which lasts up to 3 weeks after treatment. It doesn't stain or smell once dry (though a test on a small area is recommended before use on soft furnishings). During tests this product proved to be the very best bed bugs killer we have ever tested. Application required is 20ml per Square metre.

Midi Fumers | x2
Forte Fog Fumers are simple and easy. They have a non-spark wick and, once lit, release a thick fog into the room to deliver the insecticide treatment to every nook and cranny. These Fumers do not have a lingering smell and are not harmful to humans, cats or dogs (though they are harmful to fish and aquatic wildlife).

Simply set the fumers of in the desired area and leave the room, they are truly simple to use with maximum effect. 

Proven to kill Bed Bugs hiding in their favoured places, such as books, behind picture frames and in cracks and crevices.

Each Fumer smokes for between 40 seconds to a minute.

Residex P Killing Powder | 300g
Residex P is a dusting power for use in areas where liquid treatment is not practical, such as behind televisions and near plug sockets. The powder will protect the property and allow you to seal a room from bed bugs spreading.

The Ultimate Bed Bug kit is delivered in plain, discreet packaging for peace of mind purchasing. 


Rating 4.6 out of 5 based on 7 reviews.
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Showing 1 to 7 of 7 Reviews
Is a brilliant product done the job quickly.
4 Dec 2018
Caroline Hughes
Follow the instructions and it does what it says!
30 Aug 2018
Lorraine Phillips
I've had high hopes of this kit but unfortunately it hasn't been convenient to use the smoke bombs yet. I have used the Protector C spray though and it's had little effect on the bugs. However, good news with the Residex P dusting powder! They don't like it at all and I'm enormously thankful for every dead body I find - I know that sounds awful but every bedbug sufferer will understand. :( I'm sure if I'd have used the kit as I was meant to, I'd be happier so I'll come back when I've used the bombs and wish everybody great success in their endeavours to be bug free!
19 Jul 2018
Peter Bywaters
Prompt delivery and did the job. Excellent products.
2 Jan 2018
Bethan Preller
Good and Quick d easy to use.
30 Jun 2017
Nigel, West Sussex
Got to the route of our problem . Products does what it says.
9 Jun 2016
Dan, County Of Bristol
Still using the product as per the directions.
20 Mar 2015

Frequently asked questions

Hi there I just wondered if you can use all the kit supplied in the ultimate bed bug control kit at the same time or do you have to leave a specific amount of time between applications. Many thanks mr Snoddy.
The fumigation needs to be completed first and left in the room to work for a minimum of three hours. All the other products, spray and powders, can be used after and at the same time in conjunction with each other. Please call 01977 552000 if you need any further advice.
we had bedbugs and i sprayed with something i got from a local pet shop, now we find one bug every few weeks in different places, do you suggest i buy some bonbs or spray from you,, i ve also read about Biopren Insect Growth Regulator | 1 Litre... is th
Biopren Insect Growth Regulator is a great product. Please remember to retreat your property in 7 - 10 days, which is very important, as it breaks the breeding cycle of the bed bugs.
Hi I've been getting a few bites when I wake up bought the c and d spay the powder and smoke bomb for the one treatment. Then done second treatment used the biopren spray but the thing is i haven't found any bugs so can't spray direct have no idea wher
Bedbugs will hide in soft furnishings, fabrics and and dark cracks or crevices. They do not like day light and will tend to hide in these places during the day. Pay particular attention around skirting boards and window frames, spraying all the way round to create a protective barrier. Always re-treat between 7 and 10 days after the initial treatment. In some more severe cases, re-treating the area may take several attempts before getting rid of the bed bugs completely. Our products are HSE approved and if used correctly, do work.
Do l need to treat all rooms in my house with bombs
We would advise you to treat all rooms, as bed bugs can spread very quickly. Retreat all the rooms 7 - 10 days after initial treatment. We would also recommend to back up the treatment of the fumers with our Protector C spray, paying particular attention to the bed area.
Is it animal friendly ? Will it harm my dog ?
You and your pets will have to leave the room for around 3 hours when using the fumers. But once the smoke has disappeared the pets can re-enter. The Protector C and Biopren are pet friendly and once dried, the pets can return to the treated area. The Residex P dusting powder should be put in areas where your pets cannot reach, as it may be harmful if inhaled or ingested.
How does this work if you are doing an open plan room?
We would advise you to use one at each end of the room to allow the smoke to spread more evenly. Please call our Sales Team on 0800 0913171, to discuss furthe. We can guide you to the correct fumer size and will need to know the room size  and what it is you are wanting to get rid of (ie bed bugs, fleas etc).
Used without using mask , will I be ok , how long before reusing bedroom . Thanks
We would advise you to use a mask when treating your bedroom, if you are applying to a large area. You will have to leave the room for up to three hours with the fumers, but can return after this time. With the sprays, you can re-enter the bedroom once it is dry to the touch. 
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