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Pyrethrum 5EC 100ml Kill Aphids, Red Mite and Lice

£30.98 inc VAT
£25.82 exc VAT

Pyrethrum 5EC 100ml Kill Aphids, Red Mite and Lice

11 reviews
£30.98 inc VAT
£25.82 exc VAT

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  • Pyrethrum 5ec - super concentrated aphid, green fly and lice killer
  • Organic solution made from the plant Pyrethrum
  • Apply Pyrethrum 5 EC at a dilution rate of 20 ml in 5 litres of water
  • Super concentrated formula 1 part Solution to 25 parts of water
  • Perfect for applications such as greenhouses through to hectares of crops
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Product information

Brand: Agropharm

Pyrethrum 5ec is one of the leading products available for protecting your plants, crops, fruits, and vegetables from aphids, green and blackfly, whitefly, lice, red mite and other nuisance insects.

  • Organic and super effective at protecting organic and high-quality crops, plants and other agricultural products.
  • The entirely organic formula interferes with the sodium channels of insects to paralyse the insects on contact with the applied solution.
  • A potent insecticide that is environmentally friendly and has very low toxicity.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Treats a wide pest spectrum with rapid control of insects.
  • With zero residue profile, the crops can be harvested after 24 hours. The solution is also non-persistent in the environment.
  • There is no limit to the number of treatments and the product is suitable for use in organic farming.
  • Combats insects resistance and boosts efficacy
  • 10 times more powerful than competitor products and 8 times more cost-effective.
  • Green book listed.

Examples of Use:

Fruit ( example)
Vegetable crops (example) 
Cabbages etc.
Insect pests controlled include
Caterpillars and Moths
Flea beetle
Spider mite
Leaf hopper
And many others
Directions for use:
  • It is essential to achieve a good spray coverage of the target crop foliage for optimum pest control. Apply in a high volume spray to ensure thorough coverage of the foliage to the point of run-off. Ensure that both upper and lower surfaces of the leaves are treated. 
  • Apply Pyrethrum 5 EC as soon as pest or pest damage is seen and when motile stages of pests are most active. Do not apply in direct sunshine or in very hot weather when it is advisable to apply in the early morning or in the evening.
  • Apply Pyrethrum 5 EC at a dilution rate of 20 ml in 5 litres water.
  • For outdoor crops, apply at a maximum individual dose of 1.1 litres product per hectare.
  • For crops grown under protection, apply at a maximum individual dose of 2.4 litres product per hectare.


Rating 4.9 out of 5 based on 11 reviews.
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David, Northamptonshire
Good stuff! It cleared aphids from my allotment very fast and safe.
10 Jul 2015
Adrian, North Yorkshire
At first appearance it is quite expensive for such a small bottle, 100ml. However, it is very concentrated and a little goes a long way, so it is good value. I found it to be effective against spider mite.
27 Sep 2014
Stephen, West Yorkshire
Worked well on olive tree lace bug, cleared in two sprays.
30 Aug 2014
8 Aug 2014
Alan, Kent
do not know how good this product is because the aphids went before I could use
23 Jul 2014
This product does exactly what it claims and the fact it is also much safer than man made insecticides is an added bonus. I am so confident that this insecticide works I have purchased more Pyrethrum 5EC.
8 Oct 2013
Mrs Rhodes, Essex
Excellent fast and efficient service.
19 Aug 2013
Welshbird3, Wales.
The product did exactly what it was advertised to do, it was easy to measure and apply and was indeed super effective.
25 Jul 2013
Sharon, Essex
very impressed. it does what it says it does and eradicated the problem I had with red spider mites outside my property. nothing else comes close.
23 Jul 2013
D Bamber, Essex
15 Jul 2013

Documents & Instructions

Frequently asked questions

Can you tell me how much water do I use to dilute, what quantities
The dilution rate is 20ml of product to 5L water.
can pyrethrum be used on horses,i have just ordered neem pro riddance from you,for my horse,but i have just came across this product, what one do you suggest i i have just moved my horse to a new field and there are so many flies they are driving h
Pyrethrum 5EC is designed to be used on crops not animals. Neem Pro Riddance has been specifically developed for use on animals as a fly repellent; you have bought the correct product. You should see results instantly!
If I spray the leaves, how quickly after spraying can I consume the fruit? Am I required to wash the fruit before consumption? How long are the ingredients active in the environment? Do I need to be concerned about inadvertently poisoning children or anim
The fruit can be harvested 24 hours from spraying. Even though the product leaves no pesticide residue, we would like to advise to wash fruit before consumption. The ingredient is active for approximately 7 days and we would recommend to re-spray at 7 day intervals. This product is not harmful to children and animals. For further details please read the Specification Sheet at the bottom of the product information.
Hi, Is this for use in chicken housing for elimination or red mites? Maureen
This product is for treating plants and fruit and vegetables. We would recommend you to follow the link below for products to treat red mite in chicken houses:

Can Pyretheum be using for mosquito control - I live in a dengue/zika virus area. Also can it be applied to the body Jean
This product is used for plant and crop protection against pests such as aphids (greenfly and blackfly), whitefly, red spider mite, flea beetle and caterpillars. This cannot be applied to the body. We would advise you to use Prevent which is effective against Mosquitos. Please follow the link below for further details:
Will this kill ants in my grass?
This product will kill ants in your grass.
Hi, will this product kill maggots & is it safe to use on surfaces where the kids & pets (dogs & rabbits) play?
If the maggots are from plant related insects, then this product will kill them. The Pyrethrum 5EC is applied directly on to plants and crops with insect infestations. However, please make sure you follow the full instructions for use on the product information, on our website. This product is not meant to be sprayed on to surfaces. We would advise you to to use our Protector C spray if it is intended to be used in the home.
I have just purchased some Pyrethrum to treat some conifers for red spider mite ,delivered today. Will I be wasting my time treating them at this time of year ?
This product can be applied when the mites are visible, as it kills insects by contact action. If the mites are visible, spray the conifers at 7 day intervals. 
i have fleas in my appartment ,my two cats treated regularly by vet - can i spray pyrethrum 5ec in my home ? is it pet friendly ? how long does it take to dry -i am at my wits end with fleas please help
This product is not suitable for fleas. It is used as insect control on plants and crops. We would advise you to use Protector C against fleas in your home, but this product is not meant to be used on the actual pet. Please follow the link below for products to treat fleas:
I have. Garden full of clover mites mainly on my patiowalls, patio and house walls will this Pyrethrum 5EC kill them and how long do I have to keep my dogs off them Kind regards Maureen
This product will kill clover mites, and we would advise you to allow the product to completely dry before allowing your dog into the treated area.
will this product kill springtails we have an infestation inside and outside
This would treat the Springtails out side but do not use indoors. 

Indoors please use

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