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5L Addis Black Portable Insulated Catering Urn

£76.99 exc VAT
£92.39 inc VAT

5L Addis Black Portable Insulated Catering Urn

Self Cleaning, Water Level Indicator, 360° Rotating Base, LCD Digital Display

9 reviews
£76.99 exc VAT
£92.39 inc VAT

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Height40 cm
Width23.3 cm
Depth30.2 cm
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Product information

HSD are delighted to introduce the revolutionary water boiler from Addis Domestic.


A UK supplied top class product that is a unique addition to the catering industry.



Product Features:


  • Choice of 5 Keep Warm temperatures (40, 50, 60, 85, and 98 degrees) to allow you to find your perfect drink.
  • 98 degrees is ideal for making tea, coffee and other hot drinks. 
  • No plumbing required   
  • Removable top lid 
  • Insulated - Safe to touch!
  • Soft touch buttons with a Digital Display.
  • Stainless steel inner pot (see picture insert)
  • Brushed stainless steel outer body 
  • 3 way dispensing (auto, cup switch and manual)
  • Energy efficient - Uses over 50% less energy than standard kettles!
  • Comes complete with a bottle of Acid Citric for cleaning.



Rating 4.9 out of 5 based on 9 reviews.
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Julie, Cambridgeshire
Excellent product.
10 Sep 2015
Ronald, Staffordshire
Very pleased with the quality and price. Quick delivery too.
31 Mar 2015
Janet, Lincolnshire
Arrived early and was exactly what I expected from the advert. Great
17 Dec 2014
Martin Adcock, London
love it! Looks great and heats faster than stated - everyone finds it user friendly and so happy Im not the one who gets the empty kettle when I want a cup! :)
1 May 2014
B Currie, Aberdeenshire
Item is a neat size and exactly what we were looking for to replace our 15 litre urn. good value for money when u look at the ones available in the shops only half the size and not much difference in price. good company to deal with have dealt with before and would again.
12 Nov 2013

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to turn the water boiler off at night?

No the water boiler is designed to be left on at all times.

Do I turn the water boiler off when I go on holiday?
Yes if you are not using the water boiler for more than 72 hours then it should be turned off, drained and left open to air.  When it needs to be used again the water boiler should be filled and boiled and flushed through once before normal use is resumed. 
What happens if I forget to turn it off and go away on holiday?

The water boiler will automatically turn itself off after 72 hours if it is not used. The water should be discarded and the unit flushed through before normal use is recommenced.

Do I need to unplug the water boiler from the mains to fill or top up the water?

If the water boiler is being filled from the tap then yes the water boiler must be unplugged. The power input connection must never be allowed to become wet. If the water boiler is being topped up with a jug or other receptacle then it is not necessary to disconnect the water boiler from the mains, though care must still be taken not to allow the power input connection to become wet.

Do I need to empty the water boiler completely at any time?

As with a kettle it is advisable to empty the water boiler every few days, rinse out the loose lime scale and fill with fresh water.

Do I need to clean the water boiler?

Yes. Just like a kettle this will vary according to the hardness of the water in your area.  It is recommended that the cleaning cycle is activated once a month routinely, but this will vary and can only be judged when the water boiler is in use.  The cleaning cycle requires the addition of Citric Acid. An 80g bottle of Citric Acid is included with each water boiler.

What is Citric Acid?

Citric acid is a natural acid that is found in many fruits. It is very bitter, and it gives fruits like lemons and limes their characteristic sour flavor. Citric acid is a common food additive. It is also used in wine making and to descale kettles, coffee machines and now the water boiler. There is no unsafe chemical residue left after the cleaning cycle has been completed (as per the instruction manual) and the water boiler is returned back to its original scale free state.

If the water boiler is left plugged in all of the time how much electricity is it using?

Very little.  An average kettle uses 2 – 3 KW every time it is boiled, and most people boil a kettle many times a day.  The water boiler uses just 680W to boil the full 5L and once it has boiled “keeps warm” at the chosen temperature using just 2W as it is encased in a thermal outer layer. If the keep warm temperature drops to the lower end of the selected range the water boiler automatically reheats on it’s own using just 100W (less than a light bulb).  The water boiler is therefore very energy efficient.

Can the beeping sound be turned off if it is not required?
No this can not be turned off. 
I would like to operate this together with my solar panels, meaning that it needs to be operated on a time switch - can it be set to turn on with a particular set of settings so that it heats up from (say) 1 pm - without me having to reset it.
This product does not have timer settings, therefore cannot be set to heat up automatically.
The answer re solar panels does not answer the question. I will rephrase. I would like to use an external timer switch with this product. Does it remember settings when switched off? If it is set to 98 degrees C, will it start up again with this temper
The Airpot will retain the chosen temperature set if it is switched off and turned back on again. However, there may be a slight loss of temperature in the water inside the urn whilst it is switched off. Once the Airpot switches back on it will boil back up to the temperature it was set at before being turned off.
Does the hotpot have a stainless steel interior. Thanks
This Air Pot does have a stainless steel inner pot.
Can I fill a large teapot directly? Is there enough room for that? and thanks May
The height of the teapot is 40cm, therefore if the teapot being filled is no more than 35cm high, it will fit under easily.
How long does it take to boil the full 5 litres from cold. David.
Depending on the temperature of the cold water, it will take approximately 35 minutes to heat from cold.
Hello Dose the turnkey hot pot have a timer function to switch of for hours over nigh and automaticaly switch back on to re boill?
This product does not have a timer function.
Hello Can i ask what the diffrence is between the. turnkey domestic water boiler and the addias thermo pot. Thank you
They are the same and there is no difference. Turnkey changed the name to Addis, but the product remains unchanged.
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