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Four pack of Large Carpet Beetle Insect Smoke Bomb 11g

£20.99 inc VAT
£17.49 exc VAT

Four pack of Large Carpet Beetle Insect Smoke Bomb 11g

4 reviews
£20.99 inc VAT
£17.49 exc VAT

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Product information

Brand: Agropharm

Carpet Beetle Killer and Treatment 

The Midi Fortefog P range of Smoke Bombs will eliminate Carpet Beetles.

HSE licensed and tested, the Fortefog range of smoke bombs are three times as effective as competitive brands.

Simple to use and safe around children and animals, the Fumers will release a potent insecticide smoke that will access hidden and nesting beetles, such as in cracks in walls, within sofas and behind picture frames.

The process takes less than 5 minutes to start, once lit, leave the room for 3 hours and the work is complete.


Rating 4 out of 5 based on 4 reviews.
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Edward Wright
Great product, very effective, good value
19 Jan 2019
Mr David Tobin
I was happy they worked as expected. The advice and customer service was also very good.
2 Dec 2016
Mrs Anne Barnett
I am amazed this this product worked so well! It has certainly saved me a fortune in getting a Professional in to do the job. There is a bit of smoke which lingers in room for a bit, but no damage is done to televisions, computers etc. I have no evidence of any beetles left in property now, this was not the case previously.
8 Sep 2016
Nicholas Ferguson
It has not cone the job that I wanted
13 Jan 2017

Frequently asked questions

Are the Fortefog P fumers effective against Woodworm and what area will 11g cover.At what time of Year would it be most effective,how often would re treatment be required. With Thanks J Bradley.
We would not recommend the Fortefog P Fumers to treat Woodworm. This is a specialised process required to treat the wood itself. Each 11g fumer will cover approximately 25 cubic metres for bedbugs, ants and cockroaches, 100 cubic metres for fleas and carpet moths and 400 cubic metres for flying insects.
after using the smoke bomb do you need to wash carpets would it be safe to uplift to another house or would they still be infested
It would depend on how bad the infestation is/was. As long as you have fully treated your carpet with the smoke bomb fumers and protector c. You can also use a steam floor cleaner which would also kill any eggs left.

We recommend that you repeat all treatments every 7-10 days until you no longer have any signs of carpet beetles or wooleybacks. If you are wishing to remove the carpet to uplift and take to a new property this would be solely up to your self and if you have fully treated the carpets as per our recommendation.
with using the product, leaving wardrobes open with clothes in OK or would i need to pack away clothes first?
The clothes can be left in the wardrobe when using the smoke bombs. We would advise you to open all wardrobe doors, cupboard doors and drawers before setting them off.
Will these affect smoke alarms
Yes smoke alarms will need to be deactivated in any room you are treating and then activated again after use as the smoke will set them off
Does this also kill larvae and eggs?
It will kill the larvae but not the eggs.
Will the pesticide cause any allergy or breathing problems for people with asthma or is it safe ?
The pest control products should not affect people with asthma. However, you will have to leave the rooms being treated with the smoke bombs for up to three hours, until the smoke has disappeared.
Are the smoke bombs suitable for varied carpet beetles?
Yes, the smoke bombs are suitable for the varied carpet beetle. However, we would strongly advise you to use the Protector C spray in conjunction with them. The spray can be directed onto carpeting, furniture and most upholstery, and will leave an invisible residue for up to 6 weeks if left undisturbed.
Will the smoke discolour the white painted walls in the room?
No it will not 
how do I kill the eggs
Unfortunately, we do not have a product that will kill the eggs. Eggs take 1 - 2 weeks to hatch out so we would advise you to retreat once they have hatched.
After using carpet beetle bomb. You say that use of protector C spray will leave a residue up to 6 weeks if undisturbed. So does that mean no vacuuming; does that remove spray from carpets? I'm a little confused, do you need to reapply spray to carpet each time you vacuum?
The residue will last up to 6 weeks, if left undisturbed. However, walking in areas where sprayed and hoovering will remove, so would have to be re-applied.
How safe is it for cats? How long do you leave them out if the room for?
You and your cats will have to leave the treated room for up to 3 hours, or until the smoke has disappeared.
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