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5L Simply Spray & Walk Away Moss & Algae Killer for Patios and Decking

From £12.98 inc VAT
From £10.82 exc VAT

5L Simply Spray & Walk Away Moss & Algae Killer for Patios and Decking

Over 100,000 bottles sold | 1 bottle sold every 13 minutes

3361 reviews
From £12.98 inc VAT
From £10.82 exc VAT

Order now for delivery 21st October

  • Cleans hard surfaces
  • Treat patios, decking, fencing, pathways, roofs, UPVC and more!
  • Super concentrated formula - 4 parts water to 1 part Simply Spray
  • Helps prevent regrowth
  • One Bottle covers 200 square metres
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  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Product Code: 229020
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Product information

Brand: Pro-Kleen -Simply Spray
Capacity: 5 L

Pro-Kleen Simply Spray & Walk Away

Pro-Kleen Simply Spray & Walk Away is formulated for use on patios, fencing and decking. It's even suitable for roofs, uPVC windows, boats, caravans, motor homes, sheds, decking and driveways and most outdoor surfaces.

Why choose Pro-Kleen Simply Spray & Walk Away?


We have sold over 100,000 bottles in the UK and 1 bottle is sold every 13 minutes. This just proves how amazing it really is!


A 5L bottle of Simply Spray & Walk Away makes a minimum of 25L of solution covering a HUGE 200m² area! Simply Spray & Walk Away is a maximum strength super concentrate boasting 75% more active ingredient than other brands! This solution can also be diluted to make up to 50L of solution at 1:9 dilution.


The dilution rate is 1L solution to 4L of water. A little goes a VERY long way! Apply in dry conditions avoid applying when rain is forecast within the following 8 hours summer apply late afternoon / early evening (when sunlight is less intense) The solution can be applied up to a massive dilution rate of 5L solution to 45L of water for less affected areas, which would cover a huge 400m² area. TIP: The less dilution the quicker the results.

Once treated results will show in 2-3 days

100% SAFE

Biodegradable. PH8. Non-caustic, no acid & no bleach! Simply Spray & Walk Away is safe for use around children & pets once the area is dry.

How do I use it?

Read the instructions on the bottle carefully, then simply decide your required dilution and apply with a watering can or pump sprayer and apply the solution to the entire area.


Rating 4.5 out of 5 based on 3361 reviews.
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Marcus robinson
Good products , have used before. Nice to be able to purchase from a local company
10 Oct 2019
Very effective
8 Oct 2019
david mcintyre
Does what it says.
17 Sep 2019
david mcintyre
Does what it says on the container.
17 Sep 2019
June Sindrey expected. .......
6 Sep 2019
June Sindrey
6 Sep 2019
did what it said on the container,pleased with results
28 Aug 2019
William Teague
Good product and very speedy delivery
8 Aug 2019
stert - build
too early to tell if it worked, applied only last week - so far no change but arrived well packed, on time, thank you.
6 Aug 2019
Robert Lewis
Works exactly as described - brilliant.
18 Jul 2019
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2995 Amazon customers reviewed this product

Frequently asked questions

dear sir/madam, what are the active ingredients of 'mylek simply spray' patio cleaner? it isn't listed. kind regards, richard.
This product contains benzyl alkyldimethyl chloride.
Hi, can you tell me the percentage concentration of benzalkonium chloride in your mould and algae killer. Thanks, John Anderson
The percentage concentration is 1 - 10%.
Can I use on my roof tiles
This product can be recommended to be used on roof tiles.
Is this product suitable for use on bare timber, plywood etc?
This product can be used on natural timber. However, we would not recommend it to be used on plywood as it may distort the layers.
Can this product can be used on UPVC and conservatories?
Yes you can use this product on UPVC and conservatories.
can you use Simply spray, on boat canopies (not pvc style but material type Jenny
This product can be used on your boat canopy, but only if the boat is dry docked (on dry land), as this product is harmful to aquatic life, so avoid entering waterways.
can i use this on liverwort?
This would not be effective on liverwort. We would recommend a weedkiller to get rid of this weed.
Can this product (patio cleaner) be used where the run off may enter a pond with various flora and fauna?
This product cannot be used where the run off may enter a pond with various flora and fauna. It is not advisable to use if the run off is on to a lawn or flower borders either, as it may cause damage.

Just purchased this product. About to use this on our fence before painting with cuprinol type preservative. How should I leave before painting.
We would advise you to leave a period of two weeks before painting the fence.
You state that Pro-Kleen can be used on UPVC conservatories. Can you confirm that it can be safely used on the Polycarbonate Roof of a conservatory without any damaging affects?
As far as we are aware the solution is fine on polycarbonate roofs but as always we recommend testing on a small inconspicuous area.
I've just bought the Pro-Kleen Patio/Fencing/Decking Algae Remover product from you. I've got two cats and I've noted that you specifically mention that the product should be allowed to dry off after application, before letting pets back into the garden.
Once the initial application has dried and treated the moss after two to three days, then any rainfall after that would not re-activate the product. If it rains within this time, we would advise you to retreat the area and make sure the new application is dry before allowing pets around.
Will this kill grass if accidentally oversprayed?
This product would yellow the grass if it is allowed to spill over onto it. To avoid this, we would advise you not to allow overspill onto any grassed areas or flowering borders.
Does this product discolour or adversely affect Indian Sandstone patios?
This product should not discolour the Indian Sandstone. However, we would recommend you to test a small area first.
Can it be used on tarmac? Can it be used more concentrated than the recommended ratio of 1:4, for exemple 1:2 on very stubborn moss
Yes, you can apply it at a more concentrated ratio.
Do u have to hose it down after a couple of days
No, you do not need to hose down after a couple of days. Simply brush away any dead moss, if needed.
Is this safe to use on York stone paving
Yes, this product is safe to use on York stone.
I've been asked to buy a moss and algae killer but they said it must specifically say good to use on brick paving. I noticed it's not spacific in its surfaces so could you confirm if it's ok to use on this surface. It's peace of mind before I buy.
This is perfect for use on block paving so yes absolutely the right choice.
Yes, it would be suitable for your composite decking. However, it will not get rid of stains. It is a mould, moss and algae remover, not a stain remover.
I have artificial turf,if this went on it would it damage/discolour it?
This product is safe to use on artificial grass.
Hello, is the Simply Spray & Walk Away safe for use on bituminous flat roofing felt?
This is safe to use on Bitumen Flat Roofing Felt.
Can this be used on a pebbledash wall?
Yes, this can be used on a pebbledash wall.
Can this be used on a flat fibreglass roof?
Yes, this should be suitable to use of a flat fibreglass roof.
I have a concrete patio which has been painted, can I use this on a painted surface?
Yes, you can use this product on a painted surface.
Can this be used on greenhouse glass
It can be used on greenhouse glass, but we would advise you that if the run off comes into contact with grass or plants, it will damage them.
My house was insulated about 3 years ago then covered in a water proof coating in white it has just started to turn green in certain areas will this product remove the build up?
If the green build up is moss, mould or algae, then this product will remove it.
Is this pet safe?, ie, can dogs safely roam in a garden after this has been used.
Yes once it is dry and soaked in
I have used this on slabs how long does it take for white stains to go away as I used it about 4 days ago and they are still there
If the product is applied at the recommended dilution rate of 1L of solution to 4L of water, there should be no white stains left. Avoid applying in direct sunlight, or if frost or rain is imminent.
I already asked about white marks on slabs and was told this is normal and they will disappear I am now being told there should be no white marks ?
We are not aware that white marks are normal. If the slabs have white marks on them, it may be that the product has not been shaken prior to use, or if it has been used when frost is present.
Can this product be used on basket weave garden furniture, to clear green algae? And best way to apply?
Yes, the product  can be used on basket weave garden furniture, and will remove green algae. Dilute 1L of solution to 4L of water, and spray directly onto the algae on the furniture.
Is this product suitable for resin bound driveways?
Yes it is safe to use on this surface
Would this product remove and prevent lichen/moss growth on internal damp sandstone cellar walls?
We would recommend using neat for Lichen or using our Utima Plus XP Moss killer which is stronger but yes it will
Does this work on a glass conservatory roof ?
Yes, this will work on a glass conservatory roof, but we would advise not to use if the run-off goes into drains that flow to natural waterways, as the product is dangerous to aquatic life.
Will your moss killer have any effect on the color of concrete roof tiles?
This product will not effect the colour of the concrete roof tiles. It just kills the moss, mould and algae, which will turn it brown. This will not effect the tiles.
Does this remove built up grime
No, it will only kill mould and algae. You will need our Pro-Kleen Drive and Patio Cleaner to remove built up grime. Please follow the link below for more information:
Do you have a product that will get rid of black lichen spots on my stone patio
We would recommend the Ultima Plus XP but use a stronger dilution rate, and in thicker clumps, it can be applied neat. (Do not allow run off onto lawns or planted borders, as this product will cause damage).
Is this product suitable for use on an extension flat roof with the usual felt type material
This product can be recommended to be used on felt roof.
Will it get rid of liverworts on a block paved driveway?
No but we would recommend the Pro-Kleen Black Spot Remover
"Pro-Kleen Simply Spray & Walk Away" Can I use this product on a motorhome roof? Can I use this product on painted aliminium sides of a static caravan?

This product can be used but we also have a Caravan & Motorhome Exterior Cleaner Shampoo linked below





We also have a full range of Caravan cleaning products.






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