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Natural Moth and Carpet Beetle Killer Blitz Kit

Product Code: 229242

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Product information

Brand - Agropharm

How to eradicate Clothes Moth and Carpet Beetles:

Professional Products for amateur use - the most effective kit to eliminate Carpet Beetle on the market today!

Using entirely Natural products!

Using the latest technology and research - this kit has been put together by Professional Pest controllers for home use using only the best products.

This kit contains:

1 x Scentrel Moth and Flying insect  | Clothes Moth Killer

Kills and protects against moths and flying insects for up to 4 hours, getting into their favourite hiding places such as cracks in walls, within cupboards and behind picture frames!

No need to leave the room, light the candle like any normal candle and relax as the problem is cleared

Protects for up to 24 hours 

Easy to use Tea-light candle

Rate of Application:

Apply at a rate of one generator per:

400m3 for flying insects

100m3 for fleas and carpet moths

25m3 for bedbugs, ants and cockroaches. -

Protector Natural Insect Killer Spay 300ml

Protector natural insect killer spray, manufactured using the latest technology to eliminate all forms of insects including Moths.

Apply to mattresses, carpets, sofas, inside cupboards and drawers. Reapply every fortnight to keep the spray at its peak potency.

Surface spray: Apply 20 ml of product per square metre, slightly wetting the surfaces to be protected.

Any Moth that touches sprayed surfaces will immediately intake the spray and be slowly dehydrated.

Do not be alarmed if you find dead insects, this is a sign the treatment is working.

Agrothrin Moth Killer Dusting Powder 50g:

Initial treatment: sprinkle 10 grams of powder onto each square metre of surface.

Using the same research as the Protector Natural Spray, use in a similar fashion except place where spray is not applicable, such as near electrical wires, and in cracks and crevices in walls. This is particularly important.

Frequently asked questions

Is this product safe to use when you have pets and young children. What is the procedure if not e.g. How long should they be kept away? Is this suitable for getting rid of carpet beetles as it seems to mention moths I the description rather than beetles?
The Protector C spray is safe to use around pets and children. Please allow the product to dry before allowing entry to the treated area. With the Scentrel candle, adult supervision is required at all times. We would not advise you to use the powder where children and pets are, to avoid inhalation.
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