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Cockroach Killer Kit for Food Preparation Areas (Small)

Suitable for Killing Cockroaches in Kitchens and Catering areas

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Product information

Brand: Agropharm

Cockroach Killer Kit for Food Preparation Areas 

We are delighted to offer a complete kit to kill Cockroaches in food prep areas for the home or workplace.

Using only HSE approved and proven to work products, remove your Cockroach infestation quickly and beneath budget.

All Products are professional products now available for amateur use - at a fraction of the price of professional pest controllers without sacrificing on potency and effectiveness.

The Kit consists of:

1 x Protector Natural Aerosol Cockroach Killer:

Safe for use in the Kitchen (Ideal for Sensitive food areas)  

To be applied in food sensitive areas such as food cupboards, drawers and work surfaces.

Protector Natural Aerosol has a rapid action and will become active as soon as dry.

Any Cockroach entering the sprayed areas will be dehydrated and killed.  

1 x Residex P 400g Cockroach Killing Powder:  

Residex P is a universal Dusting Powder containing 0.5% Permethrin for use in areas in which liquid is not practical, for example near plug sockets and wiring.

Can also be used in skirting board areas, windowsills and behind kichen appliances.

Any Cockroach coming into contact with the Powder will be killed.

1 x Protector Natural Aerosol Total Release | 400g | Super Fumigation for Cockroach

Rapid knockdown activity against a wide range of pests, ideal for use in the Kitchen.

100% natural active ingredients based on extracts from African chrysanthemums. 

Protector Natural  Aerosol is a one shot water based aerosol with no solvent smell - combined with it's rapid knock down activity against Cockroaches.

2 x Cockroach Trap Pre-Baited Station:

Pre-baited low line, high capacity cockroach trap. This trap has four entrances and is widely used to monitor cockroach populations. This low line trap is cost effective and easy to assemble. It can be supplied as either pre-baited or with a food attractant tablet. The PR-30 is suitable for use against:

German cockroach ( Blattella germanica )

Oriental cockroach ( Blatta orientalis )

Asian cockroach ( Blatella asahinai )

American cockroach ( Periplaneta americana )

Australian cockroach ( Periplaneta australasiae )




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