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Pro-Kleen Hot Tub and Spa Starter Cleaning and Maintenance Kit

£35.78 inc VAT
£29.82 exc VAT

Pro-Kleen Hot Tub and Spa Starter Cleaning and Maintenance Kit

13 reviews
£35.78 inc VAT
£29.82 exc VAT

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Product information

Brand: Pro-Kleen
Pro-Kleen Whirlpool, Bath and Hot Tub Cleaner 1 Litre
Suitable for: Whirlpools, Hot tubs & jacuzzi 
Removes the buildup of dirt, limescale, soap, grease and oil can form in the bath and pipes. 
In some cases this can result in an unpleasant smell.

For whirlpools without internal cleaning systems:

Follow your users manual for your whirlpool system


1. Fill your whirlpool above the highest openings of the water openings or jets to 5 cm with warm water

2. Pour 50–75 ml of the liquid into the bath

3. Run the system for 15 minutes

4. Empty your whirlpool back and rinse with clean water


To prevent a build up of dirt we would recommend that you clean your whirlpool every 2–3 weeks


For Hot tubs:

1. Before draining the water from your hot tub, pour in 250ml and turn the pump on high for one hour with air control valves closed and the filter removed

2. Drain your tub to finish the process


Use every 2-3 months or as often as the water is changed over 

Pro-Kleen Hot Tub And Pool Filter Cartridge Cleaner 1 Litre

Pro-Kleen Cartridge filter Cleaner is a liquid cleaner, It is highly effective in removing oils and greases from spa cartridge filters. Restores filtration efficiency, which helps prolong the life of your filter.

How to use Pro-Kleen Filter Cleaner? 

Remove any loose debris from the filter body, Add 500ml of solution to a container with 10 litres of warm water, soak the filter in the solution overnight, rinse off in the morning, the filter is now ready for use.

Pro-Kleen Hot Tub And Spa Anti-foam 1 Litre
Pro-Kleen Anti-foam is a liquid foam suppressant. It is highly effective in removing foam from hot tubs and spa's for less foaming on top of your water
How to use?
Simply add two capfuls of the anti foam to hot tub or spa where foaming appears allow it to circulate, watch the foam disappear
Pro-Kleen Spa Clarifier 1 Litre
This is an extremely cost-effective way to achieve brilliant, sparkling water. 
It prevents spa water looking dull and cloudy due to dead algae, skin cells and other dirt and grime that's too small to be trapped by a filter system. 
It improves filter performance and efficiency too.
The hot tub clarifier contains properties that effectively bind small particles of dirt together so that your filter system can successfully trap them! 
These tiny particles can make spa water look cloudy and unsightly and over time,  can also transform a spa into a very unhygienic environment.
Use Pro-Kleen Spa Clarifier to add sparkle and clarity to hot tub and spa water. 
It's ideal for use with cartridge filter pumps as on most above ground pools and spas.
How to use?
Simply add 2 caps of Pro-Kleen Spa Clarifier to your spa water once a week for crystal clear water!
Pro-Kleen Pool Algae Remover 1 Litre
Eliminates and prevents algae growth which helps to maintain clean and healthy water. It is also suitable for all types of pools
Although algae doesn't do direct harm to swimmers it looks deeply unpleasant and provides an ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria
If algae forms on or below the water's surface you simply pour the recommended dose of algae remover into the pool
Ideally the algae remover should be applied where water inlets are situated, so that it disperses evenly and effectively throughout the water
As with all chemical products, instructions and warnings should be carefully followed. 
Do not exceed the normal dosage rates ( Full instructions on dosage rates are on the back of the bottle )
Please note product is harmful to aquatics 
Pro-Kleen Hot Tub and Spa Surface Cleaner 1 Litre 
Pro-Kleen Hot tub and spa waterline and surface cleaner is specifically formulated to remove all types of grease and fatty oils from your hot tub surface and waterline area.
For use on Interior surface of your spa shell & cover, waterline scum marks & bathing deposits from your hot tub surfaces including Acrylic, Fibre-Glass & Plastic


Pro-Kleen Hot Tub and Whirlpool Complete System Flush 1 Litre

Bacteria, body oils, skin cells, organic dirt & grime enter your Hot Tub water via many various sources, not least bathers. 

Needing somewhere safe to multiply, bacteria can create a layer of protective slime called bio-film which enables them to

stick more effectively inside the pipe-work. 

This along with general grime creates a breeding ground for undesirable & potentially harmful bacteria and in turn promotes an unhealthy bathing environment.

Pro-Kleen Hot Tub & Whirlpool Complete System Flush will safely breakdown and remove body fats, dirt and grime,  and also remove bio-film, by cleaning & flushing  inside the pipes regularly you ensure the the internal system is clean and grime free. 

Regular flushing helps to promote a healthy and clean hot tub & whirlpool.

Pro-Kleen 5 Litre Hot Tub & Whirlpool Complete System Flush is a professional, powerful formula designed to clean all the plumbing & pipework.

Complete system flush also contains a powerful bactericide agent which sterilises the internal system.

How to use?

For hot tubs & whirlpools simply fill with water to the top of the jets add 500ML to 1L of solution and run for 15 to 30 minutes

Use Pro-Kleen Hot tub - Whirlpool and Spa complete system flush at every water change for hot tubs and every 3 months for whirlpools



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