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2L Pro-Kleen Hygienic Whirlpool, Bath and Hot Tub Cleaner

£15.98 inc VAT
£13.32 exc VAT

2L Pro-Kleen Hygienic Whirlpool, Bath and Hot Tub Cleaner

£15.98 inc VAT
£13.32 exc VAT

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Product information

Brand: Pro-Kleen
  • Using a selection of key ingredients, Pro-Kleen Hygienic Whirlpool Cleaner ensures bacteria, dirt, grime and slime are all removed and cleaned away, eliminating bad odours and ensuring your tub is as fresh, clean and inviting as possible.
  • Quickly kills bacteria and helps prevent regrowth to ensure your bath or whirlpool is as fresh and well maintained as possible
  • Accesses the internal plumbing system and completely flushes out any dirt, grime and bacteria to keep your tub running at maximum efficiency and maximum hygiene standards
  • Designed and thoroughly tested on all types of hot tubs, spa's whirlpools and jacuzzis.
  • Completely safe formula that does not damage any internal components
  • The super concentrated formula provides incredible value for money, requiring less than 100ml per treatment.
  • Looking for more value? Purchase our 5L Hot Tub and Whirlpool Cleaner for over 100 applications per bottle.
  • Clean every 2-3 weeks with 50-75ml of Pro-Kleen Hot Tub, Spa & Whirlpool Cleaner. This product has no expiry date!

For whirlpool cleaning systems:

1. Fill the internal system with liquid

2. Follow your users manual for your whirlpool system

If your whirlpool hasn't been cleaned for sometime use 250ml, once only

For whirlpools without internal cleaning systems:

1. Fill your whirlpool above the highest openings of the water openings or jets to 5 cm with warm water

2. Pour 50–75 ml of the liquid into the bath

3. Run the system for 15 minutes

4. Empty your whirlpool back and rinse with clean water

To prevent a build up of dirt we would recommend that you clean your whirlpool every 2–3 weeks

For Hot tubs:

1. Before draining the water from your hot tub, pour in 250ml and turn the pump on high for one hour with air control valves closed and the filter removed

2. Drain your tub to finish the process


Use every 2-3 months or as often as the water is changed over

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