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MYLEK Remote Control Luxury Eco+ Digital Splashproof Panel Heater - 1kW

One of the most stylish, energy efficient panel heaters on the market

Product Code: 252086

4 reviews
  • Modern touch activated digital display and remote control with 1-24 hour timer
  • Suited to a room size of 12m² - perfect for bedrooms, offices and bathrooms
  • Unique X-shape heating element - heats up quicker and cools down slower
  • One of the best digital panel heaters on the market
  • Stylish, elegant design with no sharp corners - wall mountable or freestanding
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Product information

Brand - Mylek

MYLEK Eco+ Luxury Digital Panel Heater

Also available in 1.5kW and 2kW


  • Modern touch activated digital display and remote control with 1-24 hour countdown timer
  • Suited to a room size of 12m² - perfect for bedrooms, offices, and bathrooms
  • Unique X-shape heating element - heats up quickly and cools down slower
  • Adjustable thermostat control and ultra fast heat up with 2 heat settings: 500W / 1kW
  • Stylish, elegant design with no sharp corners - free standing (feet included)
  • Lightweight design and extremely easy installation


One of the best digital panel heaters on the market

This stylish, energy efficient radiator by MYLEK is arguably one of the best in its class and boasts a variety of convenient features. Its 1-24 hour countdown timer and handy long-range remote control allows you to be in complete control and makes it perfect for use in bedrooms, small living rooms, bedrooms and offices.

NEW heating technology: Unique X-shape heating element

The Eco+ provides you with optimum energy efficiency by heating up quicker and cooling down slower than most panel heaters thanks to its unique X-shape aluminium heating element. 

User friendly touch activated display

The multiple functions of this panel heater can be activated by gently touching the symbols on the circular display. The Eco+ Panel Heater even comes with a long-range remote should you wish to control it from a distance.

Versatile, modern design

It can be used free-standing and its splash proof exteriosplash-proofd) makes it safe for use in bathrooms. Safe for use in bathrooms zone 2 and above. Please note, if the heater is to be installed in a bathroom, it must be installed by a qualified electrician. The panel heater comes with easy to follow instructions for a hassle-free installation elsewhere.

Perfect for quickly heating up smaller rooms

This 1kw model will comfortably and quickly heat up a room size of 12m². You can easily control the unit with its simple remote control or its clear and modern soft-touch digital display.

Designed with your safety in mind

For your peace of mind, each MYLEK Eco+ Digital Panel Heater is manufactured with a built-in Heat Safety Limiter. 


Technical specification

Lightweight design: only 4.5kgs
Covers a 12m² room
Comes with a 3 pin 13 amp UK plug
1.2m power cable cable located on the right side of the heater


Product dimensions

Free standing (feet attached): 600 x 430 x 240 mm


Rating 5 out of 5 based on 4 reviews.
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Would recommend both the product and company! The heater was easy to wall mount and heated up quickly making the kitchen lovely and warm in no time. Easy to regulate the temperature and looks good too. Could be used free-standing if desired.
10 Mar 2018
Steven Hosking
The price of product was very competitive and the (free) courier next day was excellent. I am extremely satisfied.
30 Jan 2018
Mrs Hatton
Great little heater with remote control so easy to use. Prompt delivery.
9 Jan 2018
Bee Chia
Good priced and good product !
9 Jan 2018

Frequently asked questions

Hi How much does this unit cost to run?
This heater will cost approximately 10p per hour to run (based on your energy provider charging 10p per KwH).
Please could you let me know if this heater's thermostat / temperature setting can be programmed to keep the room temperature just above freezing in the winter to prevent frozen water pipes in the bathroom when away for a few days.
Unfortunately, this heater cannot be used for this purpose. The minimum temperature that can be set is 16°C.
How does the timer work please? Does it need to be reset everyday or can you set it to turn on at the same time and off again each day? Thanks
The timer is a countdown timer, and will need to be reset once it has timed out.
How long does it take to warm up?
These heaters are quick to heat up; they are warm to the touch within 1 - 2 minutes, and within 5 to 10 minutes to full temperature.
Does it come with feet and wall brackets?
Yes, this does come with feet and wall brackets.
Is it plug in or powered from a fused spur.
This heater comes with a 3 pinned plug, but if it is being installed in a bathroom environment, it must be spurred in by a qualified electrician.
I am thinking to buy for my bathroom in Turkey. Is it compatible?
No, this is not compatible to be used in Turkey.
What temperature does it go up to, and by what increments?
The temperature ranges from 16°C to 40°C in increments of 1°C.
I have recently purchased a Mylek 1kw panel heater. You say in your FAQ's that the timer doesn't have to be reset every day to come on at the same time. However, I find this doesn't happen as the heater switches off after the timer comes to the end, and has to be reset the next day. The temperature setting remains set. Regards, Hugh
This is a countdown timer, as described on the product information. It will not retain the timer settings. Once it is timed out, it will have to be reset. 
Is this heater thermostatic
Yes it has a thermostat 
how do I get the heater to keep the room at a steady temperature E.g. The room temperature is 20, I want it to stay at 21, when I set the heater to 24 it gets too warm and then it drops back down to 20 (which is too cold) and turns back on again?
If you choose a temperature such as 21 degrees and leave the heater, it will attempt to maintain this for you
Is this heater white or cream/off white? Thank you.
This heater is white.
I have three questions (Sorry!) 1. Is this Lot 20 compliant? 2. Can the countdown timer be overridden (i.e.permanently on)? 3. Would it be easy for a qualified electrician to add a longer cable (1.2m is a little short for my purposes)? Thanks
This heater is not Lot 20 compliant. The timer can be overridden, and can be on permanently. However, if the cable is altered in any way, this would invalidate the warranty, therefore we would advise against adding a longer cable.
How do you set the heater to stay on constantly
For continuous running, set the timer to 0-0 on the timer display and the heater will continue to operate until manually switched off.

Can I use it in bathroom
Yes, but it must be installed at least 600mm from all sources of water.
Hi is there any smaller one's
Unfortunately not. This is the smallest in this model.
What does IPX 24 mean please?
IPX24 means the panel heater can be used in certain zones within a bathroom.
Can it be connected to a 24 hour timer so that it can be on for certain periods of the day or night?
Unfortunately it does not work with 24 hour timers, apologies.
What are the functions of the remote control? Is it simply able to turn the heater on or off, or can temperature and/or countdown timer be controlled remotely? Thanks
The remote control functions are on/off, timer and temperature settings.
Hi, does this heater come with a remote control?
Yes it is supplied with a remote control
I am thinking of buying a MYLEK Remote Control Luxury Eco+ Digital Splashproof Panel Heater - 1kW for our bathroom my only concern is would it be safe if my children put there clothes or towel over it.
No, it is not suitable to be used in this way. Putting clothes or towels over the heater would be very dangerous, as it would block the air vents and overheat it. You should consider a towel rail for this purpose. Please follow the link below:
What is definition of zone 2?
Zone 2 is the area stretching 0.6m outside the perimeter of any source of water (ie bath, wash basin) and to a height of 2.25m from the floor.
If the heater is switched off from the mains will it come back on at the previously set temperature or does it default. Many thanks
If the heater is switched off at the mains it will not keep previous settings.
How do you turn the temperature down? I can turn it up easily, but can't see how to lower it.
The temperature can be turned down in two ways. Switch the heater from heat setting 2 to heat setting 1 (1000W to 500W), or press the thermostat button to change the temperature (the thermometer on the left side of the dial).
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